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Roger Launius
Differing Visions: Dissenters in Mormon History

John Whitmer Historical Association Best Edited Book of the Year

The first serious attempt to analyze the careers of converts who later left the Mormon church, this book contains selections about 18 Mormon dissenters--David Whitmer, Fawn Brodie, and Sonia Johnson, among them--contributed by Richard N. Holzapfel, John S. McCormick, Kenneth M. Godfrey, William D. Russell, Dan Vogel, Jessie L. Embry, and many others.

Table of Contents
Foreword By Leonard J. Arrington
Introduction: Mormonism and the Dynamics of Dissent By Roger D. Launius, Linda Thatcher
1. David Whitmer: Faithful Dissenter, Witness Apart By Ronald E. Romig
2. "Such Republicanism as This": John Corrill's Rejection of Prophetic Rule By Kenneth H. Winn
3. William E. McLellin: "Mormonism's Stormy Petrel" By Richard P. Howard
4. The Fruit of the Branch: Francis Gladden Bishop and His Culture of Dissent By Richard L. Saunders
5. James Colin Brewster: The Boy Prophet Who Challenged Mormon Authority By Dan Vogel
6. William B. Smith: "A Wart on the Ecclesiastical Tree" By Paul M. Edwards
7. The Old Fox: Alpheus Cutler By Danny L. Jorgensen
8. Stephen Post: From Believer to Dissenter to Heretic By M. Guy Bishop
9. The Flight of the Doves from Utah Mormonism to California Morrisitism: The Saga of James and George Dove By Richard Neitzel Holzapfel
10. Henry W. Lawrence: A Life in Dissent By John S. McCormick, John R. Sillito
11. Frank J. Cannon: Declension in the Mormon Kingdom By Kenneth M. Godfrey
12. Joseph W. Musser: Dissenter or Fearless Crusader for Truth? By Martha Sonntag Bradley
13. Fawn McKay Brodie: Dissident Historian and Quintessential Critic of Mormondom By Newell G. Bringhurst
14. Maurine Whipple: The Quiet Dissenter By Jessie L. Embry
15. Richard Price: Leading Publicist of the Reorganized Church's Schismatics By William D. Russell
16. Apostate Believers: Jerald and Sandra Tanner's Encounter with Mormon History By Lawrence Foster
17. Sonia Johnson: Mormonism's Feminist Heretic By Alice Allred Pottmyer
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