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Linda Newell & Valeen Avery - Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith

This is the (best) biography of Joseph Smith’s wife. This book is also a very truthful expose on the early years of polygamy in the Mormon church. Very interesting, entertaining, easy to read, and well written. So interesting in fact that I read the entire thing in less than a week. An excellent book whether you are a true believing Mormon, former Mormon, or just vaguely interested in the Mormon church or polygamy.

I'm looking forward to Val's future projects involving other members of the Smith family.

If you are only interested in the polygamy issue, a far more comprehensive book is Richard Van Wagoner's Mormon Polygamy: A History.

If you are a faithful Mormon, have no fear in reading this book as you can even purchase it at the church's own bookstores. You can also read it for free online here. [an error occurred while processing this directive]