The following message is from Eric's ex-Mormon mailing list.

"From roughly ad 33 to 240 or so, the Nephites lived in peace. The account is in Fourth Nephi. It's a very short book due to there being nothing exciting to 'report'. What their doctrine and practices were are undoubtedly in the sealed portion of the Golden Plates."

The above quote is pulled from a Mormon's post to the newsgroup.

I think it is interesting that this roughly 200 years of peace in a perfect society is considered, "nothing exciting to 'report'" by this Mormon.

It would seem to me, (a peace loving atheist) that this would be the most important message of the Book of Mormon. I mean, give us all the details. Tell us how they pulled it off for so long. This would be exactly the type of message I would expect, if I expected a message from a god. He alludes to a theory that this portion is "undoubtedly in the sealed portion of the Golden Plates." I can only say... Why would a loving god keep this vital information from his children?

But alas, what do we get from the Book of Mormon? War. And lots of it.

-- Jason Stock

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