Some of the identical words/phrases I have noticed in reading View of the Hebrews listed below:

"curious workmanship"
View of the Hebrews page 4, paragraph 2
Book of Mormon Testimony of eight witnesses
1 Nephi 16:10
1 Nephi 18:1
Alma 37:39
Ether 10:27

"hearts burn within you"
189, par. 2 of View of the Hebrews
"hearts to burn"
Book of Mormon 1 Nephi 11:3

"land of liberty"
View of the Hebrews p. 190, paragraph 1
Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 1:7
2 Nephi 10:11
Alma 46: 17

"path of duty"
View of the Hebrews p. 199, par. 1
"path of their duty"
Book of Mormon Helaman 15:5

"fulfillment of his designs"
View of the Hebrews p. 199 par. 1
"accomplish his designs"
Alma 47:16 Book of Mormon

"great numbers"
View of the Hebrews p. 199, par. 1
Book of Mormon Alma 57: 14
"greatness of their numbers"
Alma 62:19 Book of Mormon
Mormon 5:6 Book of Mormon

"spiritual death"
View of the Hebrews p. 200 par. 3
Book of Mormon Helaman 14:16

"reckoning of time"
View of the Hebrews p. 207, par. 7
Book of Mormon 3 Nephi 8:2

Because I have read the Book of Mormon at least 20 times, these phrases were already familiar to me when I read through View of the Hebrews. When I recognized them I jotted them down and looked them up using the LDS scripture software. Most or all of these phrases were not in the Bible.

Either Joseph Smith was familiar with View of the Hebrews or he used phrases popular to the time during his translation process.

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