Mormon homophobes and fear mongers lie

Mormon homophobes and fear mongers lie

from an internet mailing list:

I doubt if very many people would look up the legistative bills cited. I did and was appalled at the gross misstatement and misrepresentation of legistative intent by the homophobes and fear mongers:

SB 1260 (Hayden) would require a homosexual curriculum to be developed and taught to schoolchildren as young as kindergarten, including mandated training sessions on “homophobia.”

From the legislation: “This bill, an urgency measure, extends to the Internal Audits and Special Investigations Unit within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) special investigative authority including the authority to conduct hearings, administer oaths, subpoena witnesses and subpoena records.”

There is NO mention of any homosexual curriculum in any way shape or form in this bill.
(for a critique of the above see this page)

AB 222 (Kuehl) would result in homosexual curriculum and promotion of homosexual “marriage” to students in K-12 public schools, public colleges, and universities.

This bill actually failed in ’95 and was voted down on 6/4/99 (40 to 38).

From the legislation: “This bill establishes the Dignity for All Students Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in all school activities. Specifically, this bill: 1) Prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation by education institutions (except for religious schools) that receive public funds. 2) Requires that the governing boards of a school district or community college to ensure that their programs and activities do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. 3) Prohibits a teacher from giving instruction, and a school district from sponsoring an activity or adopting instructional materials, that adversely affect a person on the basis of their sexual orientation.

There is NOTHING in the bill about promoting homosexuality, etc.

AB 1001 (Villaraigosa) awards official minority status to homosexuality and bisexuality, putting “sexual orientation” on the same level as race and ethnicity. This means tax-funded investigations and $25,000 fines could be used to coerce property owners, business owners, religious book stores, religious radio stations, and even some churches that oppose homosexuality.

From the legistation analysis: “This bill increases the time allowed for filing a claim of employment discrimination based on sexual orientation from 30 days to one year of an alleged incident. (This is the effect of moving provisions governing such discrimination from the Labor Code to the Fair Employment and Housing Code.)”

The penalties cited are just the same as for any other form of discrimination (e.g., based on sex, age, ethnicity, religion, physical handicap, etc.) and using the same statute of limitation for filing complaints of discrimination. The only “coersion” would be to force people to accept other people based upon their abilities to do the job, not the color of their skin, not the fact that the person goes home to a person of the same gender.

From the official analysis: “Opponents of this bill argue that churches will be forced to hire homosexual employees if this bill passes, although nonprofit religious organizations are specifically exempt from FEHA. Opponents also object to providing protection for a group of people whose behavior offends them. Opponents object to giving homosexuals “minority status.” However, this bill does not create a new protected class because discrimination in employment on the basis of sexual orientation is already prohibited under current law. This bill simply provides the same statute of limitations, administrative procedures, and remedies for all victims of discrimination.”