These creative visual works by LDS artists are humorous and heart-breaking, as they both enlighten and inspire –

Mother Gothel channels Elder Boyd K. Packer as she keeps Rapunzel locked up in the tower by terrorizing her with exaggerated risks. One can appreciate the anger Rapunzel will experience when she realizes that the person she thinks is her benefactor is actually her captor.

This piece makes note of the irony of having to pay so much, not only in terms of money, but also time and self-identity – all for the dubious privilege of experiencing that trapped feeling that first time temple goers know all too well.

The brilliance of this portrait of the prophet along with the concluding zinger is that it “humanizes” him, imperfections and all. Although Joseph was just a product of his time as apologists like to say to excuse his behavior, one must wonder how he could have engaged in the same behavior that would get most members excommunicated and in prison, yet he was one of the “great and noble ones” in the preexistence.

The sincere, smiling faces captured in this portrait hide what so many ex-Mormons know all too well: that you cannot just leave the church without sacrificing some or even all of your family relationships. That’s because the church actively tries to drive a wedge between those who have left or are doubting and those who are still all in.
It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Here, the artist highlights how far out of his way God would have to go in order to ensure we live by blind faith. One must wonder if such a God could really be considered perfect in every way, including being fair and just.

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  1. So true
    Why are temples so exclusive
    They are so expensive
    So unavailable
    If the goal is temple worship they should be part of our chapels

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