Gordon B. Hinckley and his anti-gay rhetoric

Gordon B. Hinckley and his anti-gay rhetoric

Prophet Visits Hawaii to Encourage Anti-Gay Attack

from Affirmation:
May, 1996

The Honolulu Star Bulletin recently reported that Gordon Hinckley, the president of the Mormon Church, visited the Mormon temple in Hawaii and told a meeting of 20,000 people that they were enough to stop unwanted social change in Hawaii (an indirect but clear reference to same-gender marriage).

In addition, the Advertiser also reported that the Mormon president would meet privately with the Roman Catholic bishop of Hawaii, to coordinate opposition to same-gender marriage.

Rick Fernandez, the interim PR director for Affirmation, pointed out several paradoxes associated with these events. First, it is ironic that the LDS president, who represents a church that continues to teach that polygamy is the highest form of marriage, would position himself as leading the effort to “save the family.” Virtually no one in the American Christian mainstream believes that a polygamous family is what family values is about. Second, the Catholic church officially refuses to recognize the power of the state to perform valid marriages or even to grant divorce, yet it purports to tell Hawaiian citizens what marriage and family in the civil sphere ought to be about. Finally, the Catholic and LDS churches are the oddest sort of bedfellows, considering that the latter has described the former as “the great and abominable church,” while the former will not recognize the validity of the latter’s baptisms and does not even consider them Christians. Apparently, some abominations are more acceptable than others. Meanwhile, Affirmation hopes that people of goodwill and reason in Hawaii will not be swayed by the anti-gay propaganda masquerading as religious truth that these two leaders have conspired to spread in their fair island home.

[My note: It is also ironic that Mormons now seek to legislate their marriage views on others when they were vehemently opposed to this same treatment, which they received, a little over 100 years ago.]