“Born in Blood (Lost Secrets of Freemasonry)” by John Robinson book review

“Born in Blood (Lost Secrets of Freemasonry)” by John Robinson book review

A site visitor writes:
The book details the research of the author into the orgins of Freemasonry. He establishes the link between Freemasons and the Knights Templar and discusses the pragmatic reasons for the Freemasons to go “underground” for many years. I highly recommend it.

Another site visitor writes:

John Robinson was doing research into the “Peasants Revolt” in England, in 1381. His research into the apparent connections of the Knights Templar with Freemasonry were peripheral to his initial subject. He found inconsistencies with the things which were destroyed by the peasants at this time. This information is in the introduction to the book.

Be advised that the Catholic Church, in its book entitled “Catholic Religious Orders”, published in 1984, made the comment that the “Templars had been falsely accused and destroyed by King Phillip the Fair, of France, and Pope Clement V.” I learned this while researching the antipathy between the Catholic Church and Fremasonry at the Kansas City/St. Joseph Diocease office Library, with the assistance of a very intelligent Fr. Coleman, of the Kansas City office.

A lengthy quote on the word “Lucifer” from another book by Robinson.