Joseph Smith – prophet on the Civil War

Joseph Smith – prophet on the Civil War


K wrote:

A War Against the Critics of Joseph Smith’s Civil War Prophecy

I challenge critics to refute history. That is what they apparently have the brass to do these days denying any fulfillment of Joseph Smith’s Civil War Prophecy. History destroys the critics of Joseph Smith on this one.

I do not think so. I think that Mormons completely ignore history and the ability to make future predictions from current events. I will give an example. Before the Gulf War (Desert Storm) took place I wrote in my journal my prediction that the United States would launch an assault on Iraq. We should all know that this prediction showed to be true. Am I a prophet if I can take current events and form them into a prophecy? I think not.

I will argue that Joseph Smith used current events to make his “prediction” or “prophecy” of civil war. In order to do this I will provide a short lesson on history which apparently K has ignored with his detailed description of the Civil War.

Can any person rightfully claim prophetic abilities if they predict unrest in the Middle East in the future? I think not.

Along the same lines, I think it is quite clear from historical records that unrest was already brewing regarding slavery in Joseph Smith’s time. Joseph Smith made his South Carolina “revelation” (D&C 87) on December 25, 1832.

Do you think that the nullification convention held in November 1832 by South Carolina may have had an influence on Joseph Smith’s prediction? I think so.

In November 1832 a South Carolina delegation defiantly nullified the federal 1828 and 1832 tarriffs. South Carolina immediately prepared for a military showdown with the federal government. South Carolina regiments were organized and volunteers were gathered together to fight the federal government. The issue was temporarily diffused with the compromise of 1833, but the tension was only postponed. (Secret and Sacred, The Diaries of James Hummond, a Southern Slaveholder, edited by Carol Bleser, Oxford University Press, 1988).

So history speaks to us quite clearly. Joseph Smith’s so called revelation was made on the heals of one of the biggest signs to the country that a civil war was evident. A State within the Union had nullified federal law and even prepared its people for war against the Union. Do Mormons consider this information when reviewing Doctrine and Covenants 87? I think not.

Yes, Joseph Smith predicted that the northern and southern states were going to be at war and the rebellion would begin in South Carolina. BUT this is not at all surprising when one looks at the facts. At the exact same time that South Carolina was preparing for war against the federal government in 1832, Joseph Smith made his prediction.

So yes, K, I completely agree with you. People should study history in greater detail. 😉


James “who thinks we all can learn from history and each other”