Mormon discriminatory practices at

Mormon discriminatory practices at


Mormon racism in perspective

A look at how far Mormons have come on the race issue and how much further they can possibly go on the sex and orientation issues.

Change in support for same-sex marriage over time

This trend will continue. Nationally, a majority of people under age 30 support same-sex marriage. And this is not because of overwhelming majorities found in more liberal states that skew the national picture: our research shows that a majority of young people in almost every state support it. As new voters come of age, and as their older counterparts exit the voting pool, it�s likely that support will increase, pushing more states over the halfway mark.

Interview with Apostle LeGrand Richards

This candid interview explains the forces involved that caused the change in policy towards giving blacks the priesthood.

Did the IRS threaten the church’s tax-exempt status?

“Rex Lee… had once represented the Mormon church when it faced a problem like Bob Jones’s and, to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, he had taken himself off the case.”

A chronology of the LDS efforts in the Defense of Marriage Act campaign

Contrary to the church’s own handbook of instructions, the federal tax laws, and many of its members’ own views, the Mormon leadership is using the church as a vehicle for political influence.

Mormons flip-flop and now are opposed to “non-traditional” forms of marriage

In the 1880s, Mormons screamed “persecution” when their non-traditional form of marriage was attacked on political grounds. Now they are turning the tables and attempting, through politics, to deny anyone else the right to marry in ways other than the current church marriage system.

Pre-1998 chronology of Mormon involvement in same-sex marriage legislation

Mormons took an active role in limiting the rights of others in states such as Hawaii and Alaska. Over a million dollars of church funds were given to political campaigns.

Scan of letter from LDS church headquarters on church letterhead

These documents illustrate the church’s effort to control the politcal arena while trying to make it look like it is only individual citizens that are doing so.

Scan of “instructions for precinct workers” distributed to California Mormons

Features the questionnaire that was supposed to be presented to every registered voter in California to try and get Proposition 22 passed.

News article on campaign donations

Includes the $1.1 million figure spent to foster discrimination against homosexuals.

False statements made in literature distributed to Mormons from LDS authorities

The political propaganda delivered to members urging them to be intolerant of homosexual rights isn’t even accurate.

The Family: A Proclamation to the World

People are to be assigned specific roles based on their gender. Males are to bring home the bacon. Females are primarily responsible for the nurture of children. Governments are to promote these gender-based roles.

Power for women has been lost in the Mormon church

Females used to be able to give blessings and act in other leadership roles. Now, even the upper realms of female leadership in the Relief Society presidencies have to get permission to act from men.

My Controversy with the Church

Mormons believe in Heavenly Parents. Members can (and have) been excommunicated for discussing Heavenly Mother.

Fired teacher blames bias

The author of a book which questions Joseph Smith’s claims regarding the Book of Abraham is fired from his job as school teacher by a Mormon.

President Gordon B. Hinckley attacks atheists

The Mormon prophet condemns and wages a “battle” with those who don’t believe in his god despite the LDS church’s 11th Article of Faith.

Steve Benson on leaving the Mormon church

“Our teen-age daughter found the discrimination intolerable. One day, she stood up in her Mormon-youth religion class and boldly told the teacher that just as the denial of the Mormon priesthood to black men had been racist, so the denial of the Mormon priesthood to women was sexist. The woman teacher had no adequate answer for the great-granddaughter of the current Mormon president. Mary Ann was appalled at a Mormon patriarchal system that protected pedophiles and minimized the pain suffered by victims of sexual abuse. She was dismayed by a senior apostle’s callous trivialization of the pain felt by abused women as comparable ‘in the eternal scheme of things . . . to a very, very bad experience in the second semester of the first grade.’ For the Mormon Church, when it came to women, even Steve was too liberated. He drew a cartoon criticizing the church for denying women their right to be heard and was sternly ordered by his stake president to ‘cease this activity of denigration.'”

Limitations on the Academic Freedom of Women at Brigham Young University

“Brigham Young University has a history of suppressing scholarship and artistic expressions representing the experience of women. The following list provides examples of some of the ways in which university officials have acted over the past several years to silence women faculty and staff and suppress their scholarship. University officials imply that their actions with regard to women are taken to ensure that the university uphold the doctrines and standards of the LDS Church. But the women they have silenced or punished are also committed, faithful members of that Church (though the leaders seem to see these women as less important than themselves).”

Mormon Polygamy: A History

According to D&C 132, a male must have multiple wives to enter the highest degree of the Mormon heaven. Women, on the other hand, are never allowed more than one husband.

Temple rituals

Why does a female have to “hearken to the counsel of her husband” (previously having to obey their husband’s law) but husbands need not hearken to the counsel of their wives? Why must females veil their faces but males need not?

Elder Boyd K. Packer on dangerous people

“The dangers I speak of come from the gay-lesbian movement, the feminist movement (both of which are relatively new), and the ever-present challenge from the so-called scholars or intellectuals.”

Legacies, a documentary on BYU’s cure for homosexuality

So you find yourself in the 1970s or 1980s having been born a gay Mormon. What do you do? Why not try torturing yourself into heterosexuality? That is the essense of the program the Lord’s university offered. When you are part of the population that is discriminated against, some will try almost anything to become part of the smiled-upon majority.

The marriage of Mormonism to the Boy Scouts

Mormons participate disproportionally in the affairs of the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts were ready to kick the Mormons out for discrimination in the 1970s. Now the Mormons are looking to part ways with the Boy Scouts should the Boy Scouts decide to not continue discriminatory practices.

Letter to Boyd K. Packer

A former bishop writes to the author of To The One about his son who was born gay–causing his son to be shunned by church members and criticized by church leaders.

“Inequality makes loving relationships or mutual cooperation impossible.” –Alfred Adler