An exit letter from someone leaving the LDS church

An exit letter from someone leaving the LDS church

Dave Jorgensen
Somewhere, Planet Earth.

Bishop X.
Somewhere, Planet Earth.

January 22, 2000

Dear Bishop X,

My name is Dave Jorgensen. I was born on [some date] in [some place]. I was raised as a Mormon since birth, and baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (heretofore �the LDS church�), in [some] Ward, [some] Stake, when I was 8 years old. My membership records are currently under your administration, in [another] Ward, [another] Stake.

At this time, I officially resign from the LDS church. I am no longer a member of the LDS church, and I require that my name be voluntarily removed from all LDS church membership records, to reflect this fact.

In this voluntary removal process, the LDS church must adhere to the following seven guidelines:

1. The LDS church shall NOT impugn my character, slander my good name, nor disseminate any form of speculation, misinformation, or personal comments regarding me, to anyone.

2. The LDS church shall NOT hold a church court, execute a disciplinary action, excommunicate me, or otherwise harass me, nor make any attempt thereto, since I have done nothing to warrant such an action.

3. The LDS church shall remove my name from all membership records, cancel my baptism, revoke all ordinations to church �authority�, and remove all promise of �blessings� for obedience to such.

4. The LDS church shall provide me with specific, written confirmation when this task is officially complete. This letter of confirmation will reflect that my resignation from the LDS church was not due to any pressure from or determination by LDS church authorities, but rather per my own request.

5. The LDS church shall exercise due diligence in carrying out this procedure. I hereby notify you that you have 90 days, (no later than April 30, 2000) to provide written confirmation of my voluntary removal from the LDS church. Delays beyond this may result in my engaging legal counsel to pursue other options.

6. Someday when I am deceased, the LDS church shall NOT have my body dressed in any form of LDS temple ceremony costume, nor in any type of LDS temple �garments� (ritual underclothing) at any time.

7. Related to this, the LDS church shall NOT use my name in baptismal (or other) ordinances for the dead.

Assuming you would like to know my reasons for this voluntary resignation, I will detail them in a separate letter (enclosed). In short, however, I do not believe in the religious doctrines or moral authority of the LDS church. Also, I do not find LDS history, dogma, or culture to be acceptable moral or social models for myself and for my family. Frankly, I am happier outside the LDS church, so this is an obvious choice.

In closing, I ask that you respect this resignation as an exercise of my religious rights as a United States citizen and in accordance with the LDS church�s own 11th Article of Faith. Thank you.


Dave Jorgensen