A long exit letter from someone leaving the Mormon church

A long exit letter from someone leaving the Mormon church

Hi all. In the thread below I have posted my exit letter, which I mailed on January 22, 2000, and which resulted in a hassle-free written confirmation of my voluntary removal from LDS membership by April 18, 2000.

My exit letter follows in this thread, and is divided into these sub sections:

Part 1 – My official exit letter.
Part 2 – Exit letter attachment: Introdution & pts. 1-6 (LDS History)
Part 3 – Exit letter attachment: pt. 7 (LDS Marriage)
Part 4 – Exit letter attachment: pts. 8-10 (LDS Life) & Summary

Anyone may repost my letter, along with my e-mail address, as long as they change none of the letter’s attribution, and none of its contents.

However, those who wish to privately draw on the contents of the letter -in order to assist themselves in leaving the church, or to help others to leave the church- may make changes which facilitate them in that effort.

Any adaptations of the letter must remove my name and e-mail address. No other information (besides my name and e-mail address) may be attached to the letter.

Anyone discovered modifying the attribution or content of the letter in order to claim ownership or discredit the letter, may find themselves in court facing damages, as well as trying to explain my photocopied, signed and notarized version of the letter, which is dated Jan 22, 2000.

Anyhow, I post this letter for your benefit, and for the benefit of those with whom you share it. Enjoy!

Dave Jorgensen

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