by Exmo Mindy

I love my life, I love where I am
But I hate all the what could’ve been
I [email protected]#king hate the choices I made based on lies
The options I didn’t take because of a bunch of old guys
They told me who to be what to wear, who to love
They taught me to fear being punished by father above
So many paths I wanted to take
So many memories I wanted to make
And while they constantly preach of free agency,
They  use the love I have for my family against me
For if I stray from the path, if I wander too far
If I don’t measure up to an impossible bar
They say that I’ll lose my family
Forcibly separated for all eternity
And while I live with regrets of all that was stolen from me
I honestly wouldn’t change where I am currently
But I live every day with these conflicting emotions
Torn apart at the seams by all the commotion
For how can I be happy where these choices led me to be
While still being livid of all that was taken from me

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