The LDS Church in the news

The LDS Church in the news

Mormon Media

Newsweek Magazine – September 2001

A brief history of the church (with only a few minor errors) and some commentary on the new image of Mormonism and the Olympics in Salt Lake City.

60 Minutes program on the LDS Church – April 7, 1996

Features Gordon B. Hinckley, Steve Young, Orrin Hatch, Willard Marriott, & Steve Benson

TIME Magazine – August 4, 1997

In addition to the cover story, there was an article entitled “Walking A Mile in Their Shoes” and Letters to the Editor in the following issue.

Mormon periodicals

Information on Sunstone, Dialogue, and Journal of Mormon History

Compass interview with President Gordon B. Hinckley – November 9, 1997

Gordon B. Hinckley: Now we don�t need a lot of continuing revelation. We have a great, basic reservoir of revelation. But if a problem arises, as it does occasionally, a vexatious thing with which we have to deal, we go to the Lord in prayer. We discuss it as a First Presidency and as a Council of the Twelve Apostles. We pray about it and then comes the whisperings of a still small voice. And we know the direction we should take and we proceed accordingly.
David Ransom: And this is a Revelation?
Gordon B. Hinckley: This is a Revelation.”

Gordon B. Hinckley on Larry King Live

Larry King: This is politics aside then?
Gordon B. Hinckley: Politics aside. The church does not become involved in politics. We don’t favor any candidate. We don’t permit our buildings to be used for political purposes. We don’t favor any party.”

Separation of Church and Career in Salt Lake City writes a somewhat negative piece on the pervasiveness of the Mormon Church on the individuals living in Utah and the rarely objective, frequently narrowminded, quick to judge, and discriminatory church answers back by calling CNN non-objective, narrowminded, judgemental, and prejudice.

AP article summarizing the 1997 TIME cover story

“The Mormon Church is the most prosperous of American religions and is preparing to focus that considerable wealth on an unprecedented campaign of international expansion, according to a cover story in Time magazine on newsstands this week.”

TIME Magazine – June 13, 1994

“A group of dark-suited apostles called the Council of the Twelve will gather this week in the central Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, to “set apart” a new prophet from among themselves.”

Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders

The story of Mark Hofmann which was all over the news in the 1980s.

A Challenge to Origins of the Book of Mormon

From the Los Angeles Times – Saturday June 19, 1993

The September Six

A summary of why Mormons were being excommunicated and how this was making headlines across the nation.

Historian says Mormon leader OK’d Priesthood for women

An AP story for January 23, 1993 on the neo-orthodoxy suppression of the history of the role of women in the early church.

“The Mormons’ Trail of Hope” by Gordon B. Hinckley

As it appeared in the Wall Street Journal in July of 1997

How to sway the Mormon Church leaders

The current hierarchy is very concerned with positive PR. The author of the response in this piece provides suggestions for changing the course of Mormon politics and doctrines which are wrong due mostly to their dated origins.

Will BYU Be Censured By AAUP?

August 9, 1997 Salt Lake Tribune article

Rolly & Wells: Trouble in Provo

An article from the Salt Lake Tribune on the teacher fired by a Mormon for writing a book on the Book of Abraham.

Joseph Smith’s Polygamous Wives

Associated Press article from 12/13/97

Sterling McMurrin Differed in Gentler Times

February 22, 1997 article on the “eminent philosopher and writer” who was raised a Mormon.

Want to get the church to jump? Contact the media.

The story of a man who quit the church. Then the church wanted to excommunicate him. A newspaper ran a story on the interesting turn of events so the church decided it didn’t want to excommunicate him after all. The church didn’t contact the man though; it called the newspaper!