Mormon temples and the masonry connection at

Mormon temples and the masonry connection at

Mormon Temples

The Mysteries of Godliness: A History of Mormon Temple Worship

Chronicles the origin and evolution of the LDS temple ceremonies from the early days of the church until the present. Includes extensive research on the “second anointing”.

Options of belief for those who attend the temple

Different Mormons approach the temple in different ways. Find out the possible options of belief when it comes to the history and meaning of the endowment.

Mike Wallace discusses the temple and garments with several famous Mormons including President Gordon B. Hinckley

“Mormons know that some outside people think they are weird. Why? Well, for one thing, devout Mormons wear sacred undergarments for protection from harm–cotton undershirts with undershorts that reach to their knees.”

Mormon America

Book review that includes discussion on Mormon temples and their origins out of freemasonry.

Three-part message on the relationship between masonry and the Mormon temple rituals

Written by a master mason who is also an active Mormon, this dialogue lays to rest some of the myths that masonry and Mormonism are unrelated.

Reflections from a former Mormon on the strangeness of the temple ceremonies

“I remember when I heard from my TBM [True Believing Mormon] family members that the Endowment ceremony was now going to be presented on film, and that the temple – the House of the Lord – was going to be equipped with movie screens – I laughed out loud. I really thought they were putting me on!”

Illustrations of Masonry by One of the Fraternity

This book was printed in 1827 by what turned out to be a former husband of one of Joseph Smith’s polygamous wives. This book illustrates the Masonic initiation rite prior to the LDS Endowment in the 1840’s which match almost exactly in the penalties, signs, grips, five points of fellowship, etc. that existed in the early endowment (even though some of those items don’t exist anymore in the endowment and didn’t exist in freemasonry until just prior to the 19th century).

Is the temple presentation literal or figurative?

A discussion among liberal and former Mormons.

Changes in the 1990 endowment

A look at what was recently added and dropped from the temple endowment ritual.

Mormons and Masons

“The ceremonies in Masonry are in no way descended from the time of Solomon’s Temple. Masons use the biblical legends about the temple in their stories and lessons, which is something they inherited from the medieval building guilds.”

The Holy Order in Nauvoo

A look at the Kirtland and Nauvoo ceremonies.

The Mormon Baptism of William Morgan

Find out how the wife of anti-Mason William Morgan marries Joseph Smith and has her former husband baptized a Mormon.

Why was the temple ceremony changed in 1990?

The church is thought by its members to be guided by revelation. Public opinion, however, has been a major influence on the changes, additions, and deletions of programs, doctrines, and the overall focus of the church through the years. Here is one good example.