Olmecs and the Book of Mormon

Olmecs and the Book of Mormon

An LDS Apologist writes on a.r.m:

What about the Mesoamerican culture of the Olmecs? John Sorenson has examined this in some detail in relation to the Jaredites in the Book of Mormon that is worth noting.

Someone who would rather look at all the evidence (the big picture if you will) responds:

Hmmm. the Olmecs did NOT have –
1) Any form of writing apart from calendric inscriptions
2) Any steel
3) Any Elephants in any shape or form. Nor did they make use of horses or asses

They DID have-
1) A calendar that in no way resembles that of the Old World
2) An animist religion populated with lycanthropic Jaguars, birds and snakes

All told, not a very good fit at all.

See The Olmec World : Ritual and Rulership by Michael Coe.