Other items related to Mormonism and the LDS Church

Other items related to Mormonism and the LDS Church

Other (usually) Mormon-related items

Did Mormons believe that men live on the moon?

Do some still believe such a thing?

Will the Mormon Church operate the 2002 Olympic Games?

They’ve certainly influenced the process of securing the games. As the time draws near, we are sure to hear more about the church’s proselytizing efforts that will merge with the media coverage of the events.

There are big differences in those who don’t agree with everything that is Mormon related

Ed Decker and company do little good at getting Mormons to question their faith. In fact, they frequently cause members to think that exMormons are a ridiculous lot.

A bishop writes about Gordon B. Hinckley’s involving the church in politics

Members are told what the LDS church president said and how they are to follow the prophet by helping to get a California ballot initiative passed.

Letter describing the experience of Mormonism

A long time friend sent this letter to friends and family explaining his thoughts on the LDS Church.

Another letter describing the experience of Mormonism

After more than fifty years in the church, an internet friend has had enough.

A university professor’s discovery of Mormonism

He chronicles his exodus from the church, includes some ideas for improvement for Mormon leaders, and compares scientific vs. religious methodology.

Sample version of “The Letter”

So your beliefs have changed and you now feel obligated to tell your family and/or friends? Here is a generic starting point that you may want to use. Also includes some words of advice for what not to put in your letter.

Jack and Lucky Epilogue

A portion of a semi-autobiographical novel which deals with an individual’s movement out of Mormonism and into the great, wide world.

Leaving the Fold: Candid Conversations with Inactive Mormons

In the eyes of their church they are lost sheep. They have fond memories of church, but they have reasons for leaving—which James Ure discovers in these remarkable interviews with eighteen high profile Mormons. The surprising and revealing commentries are as varied as the people themselves.

Inside the Mormon Mind: The Social Psychology of Mormonism by Elizabeth T. Tice

[The book doesn’t] fall into the Pro- or the Anti- category. I have tried to present factual information so that Non-Mormons can gain a better understanding of the Mormon psyche.

Farewell to Eden: Coming to terms with Mormonism and Science by Duwayne Anderson

The first comprehensive reference book that examines virtually every aspect of LDS doctrine relating to the world of science.

The Pattern of The Double-Bind in Mormonism

The Pattern of The Double-Bind is a convoluted, insidious stratagem that turns our mental and emotional common sense world upside down.

The Woodsman and the Rings

It occurred to him, he could now prove to himself (as well as the rest of world) that the village of Mor had a true prophet! But as he started his investigation his heart sank, in fact he got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach, for the tree of the prophet was not nearly big enough.

My excommunication

Can a person be excommunicated from the Mormon Church for a website? You betcha. Incest is sometimes OK, but taking a public position contrary to the Proclamation on the Family is a no no.

Estimates of the future membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Duwayne Anderson

Will there be 265 million Mormons by 2080?

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