LDS members in space

LDS members in space

The following was a message from Eric’s ex-Mormon mailing list.

For those of you who want to know REALLY about the inhabitants of the moon, you should get the book by John Heinerman, Ph.D., called “People In Space”.

It has a real outer-space cover, and chapter 1 tells about mysterious footsteps that were photographed on the moon during the landing in 1969. It was COVERED UP by the government, and only exposed by a Chinese scientist in an interview published in a grocery-checkout publication. So there are PEOPLE on the moon! And what is so amazing is: the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith SAID SO! The author quotes several diaries of early Mormons to the effect that Joseph Smith said it. To clinch it all, John Powell’s autobiography describes how in a dream Joseph and Hyrum appeared to him and showed him a book which described the Lunarians in detail. So Heinerman concludes, “..from the information given us by the Prophet Joseph Smith, we know this about moon people…”

Chapter 2 tells about the life of people on Mercury, based on Lorenzo Snow’s patriarchal blessing. And the proof of that is that Snow, after he died, visited his daughter and said he had been visiting other planets! Snow told her that the Mercurians were like the “pre-Adamite” inhabitants of the earth. So, you see, it all fits together. As Heinerman says, “Lorenzo Snow’s unique travel experience to [Mercury] as a resurrected heavenly being stands as a lasting testament of what man can really achieve…” Isn’t that marvelous?

Chapter 3 is called “The Sun and its strange Inhabitants.” After describing the peculiar faces on the “sunstones” of the Nauvoo Temple, the author concludes that they represent the inhabitants of the sun. And in fact, Brigham Young SAID that the sun was inhabited! And then (just to clinch it) the Book of Abraham – which is SCRIPTURE! – says that the celestial kingdom is light and fire! So: The sun is a celestial kingdom!

Wait! There’s more! You have read about the City of Enoch, that was taken up bodily? Well, That’s the planet VENUS! Joseph Smith said (according to his plural wife Eliza R. Snow, as reported in Charles Lowell Walker’s diary report about a conversation he had with her in 1881) that the earth was ninety times smaller now than it was when created. So, it MUST BE that part of it was taken away – when Enoch’s city was taken? – of course! – and became the planet Venus. Wow!

Chapter 5 is about Mars. There are radio signals coming from Mars, and a giant STONE FACE visible on the Martian surface (photographs in the book). So there are people there, too!

What about the Lost Ten Tribes? Where do you think they are? Daniel Allen heard Joseph Smith say that he (Joseph Smith) had had a vision in which John the Revelator appeared to him and told him that he (John) had taken them into space, to an asteroid (maybe Chiron?) So that settles that question.

But the clincher is BLACK HOLES! Where do you think the “Sons of Perdition” go? Right! THAT’S WHAT THE BLACK HOLES ARE FOR!

There is a happy ending to all this: “Families are Forever,” (Chapter 9) and THAT’S WHY the universe is so full of solar systems: they are the families of all the gods.

GET THIS BOOK! Probably even Gordon B. Hinckley doesn’t even know about all this – (he doesn’t even know that we can become gods!)

(I was laughing so hard when I was reading this – it’s in our county library! – that I was almost asked to leave.)

John Heinerman is the Director of the Anthropological Research Center, PO Box 1471, Salt Lake City, 84147 (801) 521-8824.

I think that we all need to reevaluate, in light of this overwhelming scientific evidence, our position regarding the prophets of the church.