The granddaddy of independent Mormon organizations offering a magazine, conferences and a regular podcast.
With a library of over two hundred weekly podcasts, Radio Free Mormon, aka “RFM” is witty, scholarly and entertaining all at the same time.
Written to a CES Director by an honest seeker of truth, this letter has been examined and attacked, denied and deconstructed, targeted and torn apart like perhaps no other book in modern religious history…and still it stands
Mormon Stories is THE place for Mormons of all kinds to learn more about themselves by learning about other Mormons’ stories. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!!
This fascinating podcast began with an episode for each of Joseph Smith’s documented wives. It took about a year to complete. Since then, the podcast looks at a variety of Mormon culture and history topics.
An extensive collection of essays on difficult historical and doctrinal facts of the LDS Church, submitted by both critics and apologists.