Is the Book of Mormon from Satan?

Is the Book of Mormon from Satan?

on the newsgroup someone said…
>>>>The Book of Mormon is a Satanic wonder, intended to deceive. It is a literary wolf in biblical sheep’s clothing. See Deut 13:1-3.<<<

a former mormon responds. . .
I am deeply disturbed by this kind of response. All the evidence against Joseph and his church points to a human deception for personal gain and status and yet this just isn’t enough for some. We’re just too important to be playing our own games, fooling each other, we’ve got to be the center of a great struggle between unimaginably powerful beings. The issues are polarized, one side is all-good, the other, all-evil, and the object of this tug-of-war is our souls, the most prized objects in existence.

Isn’t this another case of self-deception, of ego allowed to feed itself? The Book of Mormon, The Koran, The Bible, all the scriptures from all the alleged prophets and revelators down through history can be examined and *our human fingerprints* are all over them, yet we still must see ourselves as caught up in forces beyond anything we can comprehend, the center of it all. We’re just too important to be abandoned to our own devices—according to us, that is.

And then, there’s the struggle between competing belief systems to consider, each side attempting to blacken the other. “You are deceived by Satan”. “Am not!”, “Are too. My scriptures are from God and Yours are from Satan”. “Are not”. “Are too”. Around and around we go.

One can just as easily respond to your, “The Book of Mormon is a Satanic wonder, intended to deceive”, by removing “Book of Mormon” and leaving a blank for any of the various denominations to fill in with the name of their current target. The Bible is a Satanic wonder. Religion is a Satanic wonder. Belief in a Satan to pass the buck to is a Satanic wonder.

“Whatever you believe in is a Satanic wonder, intended to deceive, but I’m so smart that I recognize MY beliefs as the truth and yours as wrong.”

The bottom line is that we are quite capable of fooling each other and ourselves to boot, therefore, why add an extraordinary ingredient to the confusion stew before we are sure it is needed?