Mormon ordinance of having calling and election made sure

Mormon ordinance of having calling and election made sure

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42. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; 26 February 1844.

I met with / the quorum in the evening but meeting / closed soon after we arived Fathers John . Smith & wife & Isaac Morley & wife met with / the quorum in the afternoon & evening * * * Father John Smith & wife Isaac Morley & wife had their 2d anointing & sealing.

43. History of the Church, Vol. 6:237; 7 March 1844; Hyrum Smith speaking.

I think this people is abundantly able to build this temple, and much depends upon it for our endowments and sealing powers; and many blessings depend upon it.

[“He told us to pray ‘that you may live to go into this Temple and be sealed in your foreheads,’—-putting his hand upon his forehead—for said he, ‘It is your right to live until you are three score years and ten.’ (Wandle Mace Journal, p. 129)]

44. History of the Church, Vol. 6:251-254; Sunday, 10 March 1844. Discourse by the Prophet Joseph at the funeral of King Follett.

The spirit, power, and calling of Elijah is, that ye have power to hold the key of the revelation, ordinances, oracles, powers and endowments of the fullness of the Melchizedek Priesthood and of the kingdom of God on the earth; and to receive, obtain, and perform all the ordinances belonging to the kingdom of God, even unto the turning of the hearts of the fathers unto the children, and the hearts of the children unto the fathers, even those who are in heaven.

* * *

. . . the power of Elijah is sufficient to make our calling and election sure.

* * *

Although David was a king, he never did obtain the spirit and power of Elijah and the fullness of the Priesthood; and the priesthood that he received, and the throne and kingdom of David is to be taken from him and given to another by the name of David in the last days, raised up out of his lineage. * * *

Again: The doctrine or sealing power of Elijah is as follows:- -If you have [the sealing] power to seal on earth and in heaven, then we should be wise. The first thing you do, go and seal on earth your sons and daughters unto yourself, and yourself unto your fathers in eternal glory.

45. Journal of Heber C. Kimball, “Book 91”, CHO; April 1, 1844; Typed w/o sic

Apriel the first day 1844 I Heber C Kimball received the washing of my feet. and was annointed by my wife Vilate fore my burial. that is my feet head Stomach. Even as Mary did Jesus, that She mite have a claim on him in the Reserrection

in the City of Nauvoo [next page]

In 1845 I recieved the washing of my feet by [left blank in the original; Heber C. Kimball’s handwriting stops here and Vilate Kimball’s begins:]

I Vilate Kimball do hereby certify that on the first day of April 1844 I attended to washing and anointing the head Stomach and feet of my dear companion Heber C Kimball, that I may have claim upon him in the morning of the first resurrection

/s/ Vilate Kimball

46. Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pp. 362-63; 8 April 1844; Discourse by Joseph Smith.

The declaration this morning is, that as soon as the Temple and baptismal font are prepared, we calculate to give the Elders of Israel their washings and anointings, and attend to those last and more impressive ordinances, without which we cannot obtain celestial thrones. But there must be a holy place prepared for that purpose. There was a proclamation made during the time that the foundation of the Temple was laid to that effect, and there are provisions made until the work is completed, so that men may receive their endowments and be made kings and priests unto the Most High God, having nothing to do with temporal things, but their whole time will be taken up with things pertaining to the house of God. * * * . . .every man who wishes to save his father, mother, brothers, sisters and friends, must go through all the ordinances for each one of them separately, the same as for himself, from baptism to ordination, washing and anointings and receive all the keys and powers of the Priesthood, the same as for himself.

47. Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 366; 2 May 1844. Also H.C. 6:363-67. Discourse by Joseph Smith.

I am going on in my progress for eternal life. It is not only necessary that you should be baptized for your dead, but you will have to go through all the ordinances for them, the same as you have gone through to save yourselves. There will be 144,000 saviors on Mount Zion, and with them an innumerable host that no man can number. Oh! I beseech you to go forward, go forward and make your calling and election sure.

48. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; May 5, 1844; CHO; Wilford Woodruff speaking.

I called my family together & blessed them. Phoebe washed my feet that I might be clean every whit.

49. Times & Seasons, Vol. 5:661, 663-4; Sunday, September 8, 1844; Trial of Sidney Rigdon.

[Comments by Elder John Taylor:]

Elder Rigdon was appointed by President Smith to go to Pittsburg and build up a church; but he was expressly forbid to take any one with him. Now I would ask, has Elder Rigdon accomplished his mission? Has he sought to build up the church according to President Smith’s order? No. He has been holding secret meetings; he has ordained men illegally, and contrary to the order of the priesthood; he has been ordaining men to the offices of prophets, priests and kings; whereas he does not hold that office himself; who does not know that this is wrong? There is not an officer belonging to the church but what is acquainted with this fact. Can a teacher ordain a priest? Can a priest ordain an elder? Can an elder ordain a high priest, or any of the former ordain an apostle? You all know they could not, it is contrary to the order of God; and yet we find that President Rigdon, a man who ought to know better—who does know better—has been ordaining men to offices that he does not hold himself: and yet he has come to us with a revelation to lead this church to the Celestial kingdom of God; and even if he had the authority to ordain these men, he could not do it in and of himself without the accompanying ordinances, and under the circumstances which he did.

[Comments by Heber C. Kimball:]

He (Sidney Rigdon) has no authority only what he receives from the church, if he was one with us, why was he not in our councils? He was not in the council pertaining to the High Priesthood until just before he started for Pittsburgh. Brother Phelps was the means of bringing him in [i.e., Phelps helped him get the endowment.], but he has not got the same authority [a fulness of the priesthood through the second anointing ordinance] as others; there are more than thirty men who have got higher authority than he has. * * *

There are men here, brethren who have got authority, but we don’t want to mention their names, for the enemy will try to kill them.

50. History of the Church, Vol. 7:268-69; Sunday, September 8, 1844.

Minutes of a meeting of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held on the meeting ground of the city of Nauvoo. * * *

Elder W. W. Phelps moved that Elder Sidney Rigdon be cut off from the church, and delivered over to the buffetings of satan until he repent.

Bishop Newel K. Whitney then presented the motion to the high council (who was trying the case) and the vote was unanimous in the affirmative. * * *

President Young arose and delivered Sidney Rigdon over to the buffetings of satan in the name of the Lord, and all the people said, Amen.

[Footnote comments by B. H. Roberts:]

Very serious charges are made against Elder Rigdon for insubordination, for claiming to hold keys and authority above any man or set of men in the church, even superior authority and keys thereof than those held by the Twelve; and likewise he had ordained men to positions—places and offices not recognized as properly belonging to the church.

51. Letter written by Orson Hyde to Ebenezer Robinson, September 19, 1844. Steam Boat North Bend,

Sept. 19th, 1844

Dear E. Robinson,

You probably may have received something by way of counsel from Nauvoo from Brother Young, if so, I trust you will regard it as coming from “the proper source.” We have had a charge given us by our prophet, and that charge we intend to honor and magnify. It was given in March last. He said; “let no man take your crown, and though you should have to walk right into death, fear not, neither be dismayed.” “You have to die but once.” “To us were committed the Keys of the Kingdom, and every gift, key and power, that Joseph ever had,” confirmed upon our heads by an anointing, which Bro. Rigdon never did receive.

We know the charge which the prophet gave us, and the responsibility which the Spirit of the living God laid on us through him, and we know that Elder Rigdon does not know what it was. We have counted the cost of the stand we have taken, and have firmly and unitedly, with prayer and with fasting—with signs and with tokens, with garments and with girdle, decreed in the name of Jesus Christ, that we will honor our calling, and faithfully carry out the measures of the prophet so far as we have power, relying on the arm of God for strength in every time of need.

I know that the curse of God will fall upon every one that tries to give us trouble or to weaken our hands in the work in which we are engaged, for this promise we have obtained from the Lord in solemn convocation.

I want you to read this letter to the Saints in Pittsburg, not to the world.

My kind love to all the Saints, to yourself and family.

Yours truly, Orson Hyde

[This letter was later printed in The Return, Vol. 2, No. 4, (April, 1890), p. 253.]

52. Times & Seasons, Vol. 5:670, (October 1, 1844); John Taylor, Editor.

The truth is, religion—old fashioned Abel, Noah, Abraham, Israel, Moses, Shadrach, Meshach, Abendnego, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Jesus Christ, Apostolic, Mormon religion—is made up of “obedience,” come life or death, with crowns for crosses; being ordained to eternal life [through the second anointing] after sin is overcome [through the washing of the feet]. Therefore brethren, endure, like good soldiers, to the end, and you will be ordained [kings & priests] to this highest honor of the priesthood.

53. History of the Church, Vol. 7:281-282; October 1, 1844; General Epistle to the Saints by President Brigham Young.

Yes, brethren, we verily know and bear testimony, that a cloud of blessing and of endowment, and of the keys of the fulness of the priesthood, and of things pertaining to eternal life, is hanging over us, and ready to burst upon us; or upon as many as live worthy of it, so soon as there is a place found on earth to receive it. Therefore, let no cunningly devised fable, no false delusive spirit, or vision, no man or set of men who go out from us, but are not of us, have any influence on your minds for a moment, to draw your minds away from this all important work. But enter steadily and regularly upon a strict observance of the law of tithing, and of freewill offerings, till Jehovah shall say it is enough; your offerings are accepted; then come up to the House of the Lord, and be taught in his ways, and walk in his paths; yea, enter his sanctuary; and receive the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

54. Journal of George Laub; BYU Special Collections; Under date given. At the dedication services of the Seventies Hall.

[29 December 1844, discourse by Amasa Lyman:]

Now I say unto you come try all what your teachers tell you and you will receive light & wisdom knowledge and truth, wash yourselves, keep yourselves clean for the lord will have clean vessels and he is a god of order therefore we must have our bodys washed and anointed that we may be clean Also our feet that we may receive our Endowment and hands Laid on to Exalt ourSelves to the highest glory and Exaltation. But there are some gone out from us that have no order. They ordained kings and Priests and know not them Selves nor understand the order of the kingdom, and they drew away some with them. But the time will come that they will say Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy name Cast out devils in thy name Laid hands on the sick and done many mighty works in thy name But the Lord will Say depart from me ye workers of Iniquity for I know you not for ye have not kept the commandments as it becomes Saints. Amen.

[31 December 1844, remarks by Heber C. Kimball:]

If we [are] to become Kings and Priests unto God we must make our children just as happy as they can be & we must be rulers over them to give them their inheritance.

55. Millennial Star, Vol 5:149-153, March 1845; Written in New York, January 1, 1845 by Elder Parley P. Pratt

He [Joseph Smith] proceeded to confer on elder Young, the President of the Twelve, the keys of the sealing power, as conferred in the last days by the spirit and power of Elijah, in order to seal the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers, lest the whole earth should be smitten with a curse.

This last key of the priesthood is the most sacred of all, and pertains exclusively to the first presidency of the church, without whose sanction and approval or authority, no sealing blessing shall be administered pertaining to things of the resurrection and the life to come.

56. Journal of Heber C. Kimball, “Book 92”; CHO; March 27, 1845.

27***////**in the / Evning received the washing / of my feet by Sarah W[hitney]

57. Millennial Star, Vol. Appendix: pp. 9-10; Written in New York by Elder Parley Pr. Pratt; April 6, 1845.

The despised and degraded son of the forest, who has wandered in dejection and sorrow, and suffered reproach, shall then drop his disguise and stand forth in manly dignity, and exclaim to the Gentiles who have envied and sold him—“I am Joseph; does my father yet live?” or, in other words, I am a descendant of that Joseph who was sold into Egypt. You have hated me, and sold me, and thought I was dead; but lo! I live and am heir to the inheritance, titles, honours, priesthood, sceptre, crown, throne, and eternal life and dignity of my fathers, who live for evermore.

He shall then be ordained, washed, anointed with holy oil, and arrayed in fine linen, even in the glorious and beautiful garments and royal robes of the high priesthood, which is after the order of the Son of God; and shall enter into the Holy of Holies, there to be crowned with authority and power which shall never end.

The spirit of the Lord shall then descend upon him like the dew upon the mountains of Hermon, and like refreshing showers of rain upon the flowers of Paradise.

His heart shall expand with knowledge, wide as eternity, and his mind shall comprehend the vast creations of his God, and his eternal purpose of redemption, glory, and exaltation, which was devised in heaven before the worlds were organized; but made manifest in these last days, for the fulness of the Gentiles, and for the exaltation of Israel.

He shall also behold his Redeemer, and be filled with His presence, while the cloud of His glory shall be seen in His temple.

58. Times & Seasons, Vol. 6:954; Speech delivered by President B. Young, in the City of Joseph; April 6, 1845.

The Lord has led this people all the while in this way, by giving them here a little and there a little, thus he increases their wisdom, and he that receives a little and is thankful for that shall receive more and more, and more even to the fullness of the eternal Godhead: there is no stopping place, but the weak capacity of man cannot understand it unless the spirit of the eternal God is in their hearts, and then they can comprehend but a little of it.

59. Times & Seasons, Vol. 6:920; publication date: June 1, 1845; Funeral date & date of discourse: May 24, 1845; Elder Orson Pratt.

The next thing we will speak of will be the reward that will be bestowed upon the resurrected Saints. This is something upon which all inspired men have spoken and written; and it is a theme that rejoices the hearts of the Saints while contemplating it.

The Saints will not receive their crowns of glory until after their resurrection. When the curse in part shall be removed from the world; when wickedness and abomination shall be known no more in the land, then will the Saints come forth clothed with immortality, and be crowned with power and glory as a reward for all their labors. No person will be crowned with power in the eternal world, (we are to be kings and priests to God to all eternity,) unless they have been ordained thereto in this life, previous to their death, or by some friend acting as proxy for them afterwards, and receiving it for them. What is it to be kings and priests? It is to have honor, authority and dominion, having kingdoms to preside over, and subjects to govern, and possessing the ability ever to increase their authority and glory, and extend their dominion.

60. Journal of Heber C. Kimball, “Book 92”; CHO; 1845.

In the City of Nauvoo in 1845 I received the washing of my feet.

61. “Book of Anointings” from the Nauvoo Temple pp. 2-4; Historians Office Library; January 8 – February 7, 1846; Book end title: “W. Richards” in gold leaf; C.H.D., CR/342/3/box 4. Second anointing blessing given to Heber C. Kimball, Brigham Young officiating; Evan Melbourne Green, Clerk; Recorded by C. W. Wandell Smith; Received 8 January 1846.

[p. 2] President Brigham Young as president of the whole church anointed brother Heber C. Kimball first, this being according to the order in which the ordinances of the Lords House are at all times first communicated to the children of men that he who holds the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to minister to men on earth as President Brigham Young now does, should confer the ordinances upon some faithful man who should in turn minister to him according to the pattern of heavenly things.

This is the order observed by the Prophet Joseph, he first baptized Oliver, then Oliver baptised him. [p. 3]

Entry No. 1. Jan. 8th 1846.

6. o. clock eve. Pres. Brigham Young, Heber Chase Kimble, Parley Parker Pratt, Orson Pratt, John Taylor, Amasa Lyman, Newell Kimble Whitney, Vilate Kimble, Elizabeth Ann Whitney, Sarah Marinda Pratt, & Leonora Taylor—–Assembled in Pres. B. Young’s Room No. 1. Dressed themselves [in] Holy Robes. The hymn now let us rejoice in the Day of Salvation, was sung and Elder Heber C. Kimble offered Prayer at the Alter after offering up the Signs of the Priesthood. Pres. Brigham Young proceeded to anoint Br. Heber C. Kimble and Vilate his wife—-and pronounced the following blessing namely

Bro Heber C. Kimble in the name of Jesus Christ we pour upon thy head this Holy oil & we anoint thee a King and Priest unto the most High God & in & over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints and also Israel in this the Holy Temple of the Lord, at Nauvoo the City of Joseph State of Ills. & I seal upon you power to bind on Earth & it Shall be bound in Heaven & whomsoever thou Shalt loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven, & whomsoever thou shalt curse Shalt be cursed, & whomsoever thou shalt bless, shall be blessed & I anoint thy head that it may be sound & thy brains shall be quick to think & to regulate thy whole body. & thine ears to hear the cries of the Poor & needy of thy Brethren, who shall come to thee for council & thine eyes that thou mayest see and understand the things of God–& that thou mayest behold Angels & thy mouth that [p. 4] thou mayest speak forth the great things of God & Seal upon you all the blessings of thy Progenitors Even Abraham Isaac & Jacob– & even as Far back as the Priesthood: & I say that thou shalt live to a good old age Even to three score & ten & longer if thou desire it—& thou shalt have Power to redeem thy progenitors & thou shalt have power over thy Posterity & shall Save all of them & bring them into thy Kingdom we also seal upon thee all the power & blessing of the Holy Reserection Even to the Eternal God head & no blessing that thy heart can conceive will be withheld from you & in the name of the Father & of the Son & of the Holy Spirit Amen—

He then anointed Sister Vilate Kimble a queen and Priestess unto her Husband [H.C.Kimball] in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints & in Israel. & pronounced all the blessings upon her head in common with her husband.

/s/ John D. Lee

62. “Book of Anointings” from the Nauvoo Temple; Historians Office Library; January 8 – February 7, 1846; Book end title: “W. Richards” in gold leaf; C.H.D., CR/342/3/box 4. Second anointing blessing given to Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball officiating; Evan Melbourne Green, Clerk; Recorded by C. W. Wandell Smith; Received 11 January 1846.

[Entry] No. 2.

Sunday Jan 11th 1846. 31 minutes to 7 P.M. Assembled in Pres. Brigham Youngs Room No. 1. in the atic Story of the Lords House. Pres. B. Young Heber C. Kimble, Orson Hyde, P.P.Pratt, Orson Pratt, Willard Richards, John Taylor, Amasa Lyman, N.K.Whitney, Geo. Miller Edmund–Ellsworth, Mary Young, Vilate Kimble Leonora Taylor, Elizabeth An Whitney & Elizabeth Ellsworth. Bro. J. Taylor started the hymn This Earth was once a garden place all being clothed in Priestly garments [robes]–Pres. B. Young Prayed. all having nelted [knelt] a round the Alter–previous to prare [prayer] they all arose – sang a Hymn & offered up the signs of the Holy Priesthood – then Br Heber C. Kimball proceeded to anoint and consecrate Pres. Brigham Young a King & a Priest unto the most High God over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & over the whole House of Iseral–

Brother Brigham Young, I pour this holy, consecrated oil, upon your head, and anoint thee a King and a Priest of the Most High God over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and unto all Israel: and I anoint thy head, that thy brain may be healthy and active and quick to think and to understand and to direct thy whole body and I anoint thy eyes that they may see and perceive, and that thou mayest not be deceived in what thou beholdest, and that thy sight may never fail thee: and I anoint thy ears that they may be quick to hear and communicate to thy understanding; and that thou mayest hear the secret deliberations of thy enemies, and thereby thou shalt be enabled to overreach their designs: and I anoint thy nose that thou may scent, and relish the fragrance of the good things of the earth: and I anoint thy mouth that thou mayest be enabled to speak the great things of God, and confound all the wisdom of man, and put to nought all who shall raise up to oppose thee, in all countries where thou goest for thou shalt build up the Kingdom of God among many people, and in the midst of mighty nations: so thy glory shall be established, and whosoever thou shalt bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven, and whomsoever thou shalt loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven; for there shall be given unto thee crowns, and kingdoms, and dominions; and thou shalt receive all thy heart shall desire; and thy soul shall be satisfied with a multitude of blessings which thou shalt receive; for princes shall bow at thy feet and deliver unto thee their treasures; and thou shalt teach them the principles of salvation. And I seal thee up unto Eternal Life, that thou shalt come forth in the morn of the first resurrection, and receive all these blessings, in their fulness. And thou shalt attain unto [the] Eternal Godhead, and receive a fulness of joy, and glory, and power; and that thou mayest do all things whatsoever is wisdom that thou shouldest do, even if it be to create worlds and redeem them: so shall thy joy be full to the praise and glory of God: Amen.

Elder Heber Chase Kimbal then anointed Mary An Young a Queen & Priestess unto her husband [Brigham Young] in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & in the house of Iseral–

Sister Mary Ann Young, I pour upon thy head this holy, consecrated oil, and seal upon thee all the blessings of the everlasting priesthood, in conjunction with thy husband: and I anoint thee to be a Queen and Priestess unto thy husband, over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; and thou shalt be heir to all the blessings which are sealed upon him, inasmuch as thou dost obey his counsel; and thou shalt receive glory, honor, power and exaltation in his exaltation: and thou shalt be a strength in thy mind for thou shalt have visions, and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and the time shall come that Angels shall visit thee, and minister unto thee, and teach thee: and in absence of thy husband shall comfort thee, and make known his situation.

Thou shalt be a wise counsellor to many of thy sex, and they shall look unto thee for precept and or example.

Thou shalt be noted and honored for thy generosity, and the freedom and good feelings with which thou shalt relieve the wants of the distressed; and the disgression [discretion] with which thou shalt act in thy sphere [p. 5] in all things. And I seal thee up unto Eternal Life, thou shalt come forth in the morning of the first resurrection and inherit with him all the honors, glories, and power of Eternal Lives, and that thou shalt attain unto the eternal Godhead, so thy exaltation shall be perfect, and thy glory be full, in a fulness of power and exaltation.

And the glory, honor and power shall be ascribed unto the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost: Amen.

63. Diary of Brigham Young, University of Utah; 11 January 1846.

I spent the day in the temple about 3. 0 my family came up into the temple also Bro. Kimball’s Bro. 0 Hyde’s Bro N.K.Whitney’s we had a good visit and they met in my room together with others & I received my last anointing under the hands of brother H. C. Kimball—

64. “Book of Anointings” from the Nauvoo Temple p. 5; Historians Office Library; January 8 – February 7, 1846; Book end title: “W. Richards” in gold leaf; C.H.D., CR/342/3/box 4. Second anointing blessing given to Newel K Whitney, and his wife, Elizabeth Ann Whitney; Received 12 January 1846.

[Entry] No. 3. Jan. 12th 1846. at 12. o. clock. Assembled in Room No. 1. Pres Brigham Young, Heber C Kimble, P.P.Pratt, Amasa Lyman, John Taylor, Geo Miller, Isaac Morley, Orson Spencer, Ezra T Benson, Newell K Whitney–after the usual ceremony pre-requisite to the ordinance of anointing—Pres Brigham Young anointed Newell Kimble Whitney a King & a Priest unto the Most [High] God–in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints & in the House of Iseral & among thy Brethren in this the House of the Lord—– Elizabeth An Whitney was then anointed a Queen & Priestess unto her Husband N.K. Whitney, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & to all Iseral—

65. Brigham Young “Diary”; University of Utah; 12 January 1846.

. . .the day I spent in the temple. In the evening Evan M. Greene; my clerk through sickness was compelled to retire from his labour. Bro John D. Lee appointed to take his place There being few records to be kept separately & apart containing the first sealings of the living & of proxy & of adoption & also that of the 2nd anointings which I found to be a great task for one man to perform therefore I employed Bro. Franklin Richard to assist in keeping those records above alluded too—

66. Temple Record of the Smith Family; 12 January 1846.

[This record indicates that Joseph Smith Jr., received by proxy on this date his second anointing. This record gives no date whatsoever for Emma receiving these ordinances.]

67. Journal of Abraham O. Smoot, p. 245; Mss 896; BYU Special Collections; January 13, 1846

13 Spent the afternoon of the 13th, in the Temple, and received a promise from Heber C. Kimball to receive my second ordinances during the week upon a condition of being prayerful and faithful which was complied with to the best of my ability.

68. History of George A. Smith; Ms 36/Box 5/ Bk 2; University of Utah Library; January 13, 1846.

I went to the house of the Lord with my wife, Bathsheba W., and [were] sealed by President Brigham Young, in the presence of witnesses, which was duly recorded. We then received a second anointing under the hands of Orson Hyde.

69. Journal of Abraham 0. Smoot, p. 246; Mss 896; BYU Special Collections; January 14, 1846.

On the 14th attended in the Temple and was favored with the privilege of helping to form a Quorum of Priesthood to the receiving of the Second ordinances &c.

70. Mormonism Unveiled (1880), p. 169, 171; January 14, 1846; John D. Lee.

I was among the first to receive my washing and anointings, and even received my second anointing [this date], which made me an equal in the order of the priesthood, with the right and authority to build up the kingdom in all the earth, and power to fill any vacancy that might occur. I have officiated in all the different branches, from the highest to the lowest. There were about forty men who attained to that order in the Priesthood, including the twelve Apostles and the first presidency, and to them was intrusted the keeping of the records.

In the Temple I took three more wives–Martha Berry, Polly Ann Workman and Delethea Morris, and had all my family sealed to me over the altar, in the Temple, and six of them received their second anointings, that is, the first six wives did, but the last three we had not time to attend to.

71. Diary of John D. Lee, Church Historian’s Office; January 14, 1846.

2 of my family came through the washings and anointings…we went into room No. 1 where we being clothed in Priestly apparel–kneeled over the alter–rather before the Holy Alter and over it the sacred, the solemn covenant and sealing was entered into and ratified in the presence of 3 witnesses–From thus we were conducted to Room No. 2 where we received our anointings.

72. Diary of John D. Lee, Church Historian’s Office; January 17, 1846.

From [room No. 1] thus we were conducted to Room No 2 where we received our anointings yea, Holy anointings in the Temple of the Lord under the hands of Elder Orson Hyde this certainly produced more joy comfort and pleasure & reconciliation of feeling — than could possibly have been imagined.

73. Journal of Abraham 0. Smoot, p. 246; University of Utah; January 17, 1846; Mss 896, Special Collections.

The 17th, was a day of great enjoyment for me, it gave birth to the greatest blessings and an higher exaltation in the Priesthood than ever had been anticipated by me. I received my Second ordinances in the Priesthood with my wife Margaret and Sister Sariah Gibbon, under the hands of George Miller, President of the High Priest Quorum, in room No. 4 attick story of the Temple of the Lord. I was called upon by the President to open the Meeting by prayer which I complied with, with feelins of much gratitude to my Heavenly Father and my brethren that surrounded us. The Services of this holy anointing commenced at the hour of 6 o’clock in the afternoon and closed at 7. We then resumed our seat in the celestial department of the Temple and heard a number of lectures from the brethren on the principles of Priesthood pertaining to exaltation. We also listened with pleasure to the verses of Solomon Hancock, composed on the removal of the Saints to California, with a number of others of the songs of Zion.

74. The Record of Norton Jacob, p. 15; BYU Spec Coll; Mor/M270.1/J151j; January 19, 1846.

Monday, the 19th [January 1846], went with my wife to the Temple in the morning to attend to our sealing, but there was a council to be held, which put other business [first].

In the evening I went into the Holy of Holies with Emily, my wife, where, by President Brigham Young we were, according to the holy order of the Priesthood, sealed together for time and all eternity and sealed up unto eternal life and against all sin except the sin against the Holy Ghost. May God keep us faithful in his ordinances. Amen!

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