Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs Smith Young’s Nauvoo Diary – part 2

Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs Smith Young’s Nauvoo Diary – part 2

January, the 1, 1845. I thank Thee Heavenly father for thy protecting care and ask Thee to continue it unto us and Thy Name Shall have all the honors and glory. Helpe me to spend this year to thy honour and glory more than I have ever Done. O may I improve in all goodness, uprightness, Purity, Holiness until I through the worthiness of my Master Jesus I may be a fit temple for the Holy G[h]ost to Dwell in. Sister Gleson spent the day with me.

2. Zebulun is 3 years old to day and in good health for which I feel truly Grateful. Also Isaac Jacobs and Wife ware here on a viset. H[enry] commenced his house.

3. Margret McDugle came here.

4. Very pleasent. Dimicks wife is sick.

5. Attended meeting at the stand in the fore noon. B Youngs Preached. Gave exelent councel, showed the necesity of adhering to councel, bringing up the children as we should, purging iniequity from our midst. O God help this people. In the after noon at a meeting at Br Leweses partook of the sacrament. A good time. They borrowed a buggy to bring us home.

6. Fanny is very sick.

7. Viseted at Sister Hatfields an old playmate or an acquaintance.

8. Saw Sister Empy at her house with sister Carington. Br C[arington] brought us home.

9. A day of fasting to me alone.

10. Eliza Partridge was here. Had a good viset.

11. Mother was here. The theves begin to Stur up strife and desturbances making trouble for the Saints. O Lord wilt thou have mercy uppon thy People.

12. Herd Lorenzo Snow preach. Sister Scovill carried me in her buggy to see Henrys sister Am[blotted] Edmons. Saw sister [Nancy] Nowel. She conversed most excelent.

13. Caroline, Wms wife, was here. Had a good viset.

14. Sister Grant was here. The bretheren met at the stand. Quite a number to be sent out to preach to this state.

15, 16. Hard rain.

17. A thunder storm.

18. Sister Fulton was here from the other side of the river. Sister Margret McDugle stayed here all night. She let Me take a cloke to ware.

19. I herd Elder Talor [Taylor] and Amacy Liman [Amasa Lyman] preach. This the 19 day of January Henry B Jacobs was ordained into or as one of the Presidents of the Quorum of the Seventes by Litle [John Lytle] as the eldest H B J the youngest of the Pres[idents].30

20. Washed and prepared for Henry to stand. In the Evening the familany [family] met at M[y] br, Wm., for a viset and to eat candy. Behold how good and how pleasent for bret[h]eren to dwell together in unity. Had an a greeable time. Henry met with his Quorum at Pres [Simeon A.] Dunns.

21. This morning Henry again set out on anothe[r] mission. The extent of [it] is to Adams Co and Scot Co., Ill. O Lord wilt thou bless them, and all of thine Elders. Wilt thou give them streangth and favor in the eyes of the people, and may they do much good in thy name. Wilt thou Preserve me in his absence, O Lord, and my little son, and thy name shall have all the glory.

22. I went to see Old sister Liman [Lyman], a woman that my own Mother was familiar with.

23. I went to Prayer meeting with sister Ripshier. Br Hause took the Lead of the meeting. Had a good meeting.

24. Dimick and his wife was here.

25. I went to Henres Fathers. Stayed all night. Went to meeting to the Concert Hall. Father John Smith and Heber Kimble [Kimball] preached uppon bringing up the children as the Church should and adhering to councel, the order of the kingdom, and told us if we would adhear to councen [counsel] we should grow right into the Mellenium [Millenniuml, raising our de[a]d friends, exalting our ancestors. It was most excelent. O God my heavenly Father l do humbly beseech the[e] and ask that thou wouldst preserve me blameless before Thee.

Monday 26. Went to Perigreen Sessions wife’s Funeral. Elders Kimble [Kimball] and Hide [Hyde] preached to the Living. O [t]hat I had a memory, O Lord, that thy law was engraven uppon my heart that never could be obliterated. O help me to do thy will, and to bring my minde into perfect subjection to Thy will, O Lord, that all my words may be in wisdom, and my Acts in ri[gh]teousness, that I might be accepted of Thee. Sister S[essions] died in the faith, and br K[imball] said he believed the ware these that would shake hands with her after the resurrection then in the room. O may I be one.

27. Julia Parks Stayed all night with me. Had a good viset. Presendia sent me a wollen sheet, marked no. 1, and a towel (thank her).

28. Herd Sister Ripshier talk, doing up the things that I have colord black, my shall [shawl], &c also Zebulons cloth[e]s.

29,30. Went to prayer meting. Had a good meeting. Father came home with me and had a good viset.

31. Went over to my Br Wms. Stayed all night. Dreamed of seeing Joseph Smith. I Did not think this was my birthday. This pleasent day I am 24 years old.

Sat., Febuary the 1, 1845. Went to Br Patricks the Dentest. Saw him prepare to put in some teeth for Caroline. A Misess [blank] Wm Brought home sick. She has ben sick since last June. Her Father and Mother have both died since that time. She lost a 7 month child, has seen sickness and sorrow. O may she come into the Covenant and be saved. This Lady is alone as it ware, her husband Absent. William took her out of pity.

February the 2, a.m. 1845. I went to meeting. Herd Elder Felps [W. W. Phelps] in the forenoon spoke uppon the creation of Adam, tower of Babel, the seven days of creation, 7 thousand years, large things so called. At 2 oclock PM at the 70tes Hall, J Dunham, Henry Jacobs,31 also a brother that I did not know, they spoke uppon order and union, all very good. In the evening sister Ripshier called and we went to Br Kelse[y]s school room (Br Ripshier Carr[i]ed Zebulun (thank him). Elder Kimble [Heber C. Kimball] preached uppon the order of the Kingdom, reverancing the proper authorities or there respective Presidents. O the beauty of [unfinished]. Elder Dunham spoke of the great trials we should have before the endewment or obtaining any great blessings. Order is past expressing, union in Families is first recquisite before any great exaltation can take place. He Spoke of our Enemes yet licking up the Dust of the Saints feet. It would yet take 150,000 Bishops to at[tend] to the affairs of the Lesser Priesthood. O whare will be the greator if this is required of the lesser? Also spoke of the nations sending up there bullocks for sacrifices or have no rain, the necesity of governing our selves, or how shall we ever preside in our families as we had ought, or over cities. O merciful Father wilt thou prepare me for to honour Thy name. O assist me for I do try to humble myself, and for Jesus sake accept of me, for I feel willing to do thy will.

3. Wm and wife ware here in the evening. He spoke and sung in tongs [tongues]. It was excelent.

4. It is very cold and windy. O Preserve thou thy servents, O Lord, that are a broad Promulgating thy gospel to the nations of the earth.

5. Henry B Jacobs came home, in good health. He has ben prospered on his mission, had good success.

6. B. Young Preached Br Whitnes [Alonzo W. N. Whitney] funeral Sermon at the Concert Hall. H[enry] Went. I did not go. I finished Olivers vest that Sister Emma gave him. We went to br Tidwells to an evening meeting, a good M[eeting].

7. Washed. I do feel truly thankful for the health that I do enjoy. O may it continue.

8. Mild weather, streets dry. Father called in in the evening, spoke in tong[ue]s. Had a first rate viset, ta[l]king upon the things of the kingdom.

9. Sunday we went to meetting at the Stand (the wether remarkable fine). Sutch an instance seldom witessed as to hold a Public meting in the open air. George [A.] Smith and Elder Talor [John Taylor] spoke to the saints uppon the rghts, an econemy of the people, charter. Br Talor said if we would be united no power could move us and the Templ would be built. Took supper at Jefferson Emons.

10. Misess Tomas was here. It is the first walk she has taken since last June.

11. Henry left home again, his mission confined to this state. A fine day. Bro Comins took him in his waggon. C has gone after his sick sone this morning, it being Tuesday and the 11 there.

12. Mr Avory was taken up. He was one of the assassins that shot Joseph Smith. He has ben stopping at Mr Wm Marks’es. B. Brackenbery gave his testimony against him, Avory, he knowing that he was at Carthage, and a witness from Iowa testified that he, Avory, said he was there at Carthage.32

13. Wensday, Avory had his trial was comitted to jail. Jeneral Demings accompanied him to Carthage. I viseted at Mr Edards, called at Br Pecks, saw Mother Thorn. O God, wilt thou avenge the innocent blood in thine own way. Also to day Br Wm came from Lima. 5 of the bretheren had ben taken to Quincy Jail that day. They arrested Wm but found that he was clear, he had merely ben down of a viset.33 Found my sister and family well. Anny Mcgin was at Presendes. I went to Quincy with Henry and br Comins. Our enemis are raging. O Heavenily Father lacken the Power of our enimes and presene Thy People, And to thy name of the Father Son and Holy G[h]ost we will ascribe the glory, worlds without end.

14. A lowty day yesterday. The bretheren laboured on Amacy Limans [Amasa Lyman] house. May the Lord bless him.

15. Mother Thorn was here. Wm brought her down. She is a Fine old lady, aged 61 years. F. was here.

16. I herd Erastus Snow preach. Spake uppon Charity, also patience, the diversity of sperets, administrations. Thy Words–how careful we should be not to go to[o] fast lest we handle edge tools and prove our destruction" leaky vessels, &c. Lord do help me to treasure up all these truths and Proffit thereby, that through the worthiness of Thy Sons I may be able to enter through the Gate into the Selestial City and dwell with the Sa[n]ctified. Amen.

17. Attended Meeting at the Stand ad[d]rest by Elders Felps [Phelps] Talor [Taylor] and Amacy Limon [Amasa Lyman]. Elected 12 men to Superinten the bu[long space left blank] with there 3 councellors namely John Talor, George A Smith, and Amacy Liman. Stayed at br Leweses.

18. Viseted sister Ami Edmons.

19. A beautiful day, but in the evening a thunder storm. Nancy Nowel stayed all night with me. Wm Linza lLindsay] and Julia Parks ware marned at Dimicks. O may her heart be comforted in the Lord. Learning to brade [braid] palmleef hats at Mothers.

20. I went to Wms. helped Caroline do the work, Harriet being gone.

21. Making Me a bleue dress. I knit mittings [mittens] for at 2 bits a pare [pair].

22. All in good health.

23. Attended Meeting at the 70 Hall. Joseph Young [spoke]. I can truly say that this 23 the first Steemer came up over the rapeds of A D 1845.34 The brethren went to labor in Ramas [Ramus].

24,25. Lid[i]a and Sister Edards was here. Had an excelent viset, very plesant

26. I fasted alone. In the afternoon sister Empy visited Sister Carington. I took supper with them. Very Plesent in the morning but rain and snow in the evening. Sister Ripsher stayed all night with me. Had a good viset. Also this [day] the 26 Brigham Young, Amacy Liman, Heber Kimble came in from Ramus in company with the bretheren that went from here the night before and some br from Ramus, there being some suspicious caractors in town the day before and fearing that some evil might befall them, it not being far from the plice [place] whare Joseph and Hyrum ware Martered, but they all returned Safely home to the joy of all the Saints.

27. Sister H [incompleted entry]

28. I went to see Sister [Elvira] Ho[l]mes in the morning, and went up mane lMain] Street. Made several calls. Saw mother [Patty] Sessions and Sister Lions [Sylvia Lyons]. Left Zebulun at Wm. Caroline, Wm Wife, had 18 fals teeth put in on plates and springs to them done by Hue Patrick. They look very nice. Harriet came home with me and stayed all night. A good vlset. It IS also Wm birth day. He is 27 years old. O may he be blest forever and ever, amen.

March the 1st 1845. A lowry day, I was at Dimicks, and Henry returned home. Has ben sick in his absence. He accompaned br Goff in a buggy. Br Goff was very kinde to him, Henry B. Jacobs, and gave HBJ 5 dollars for which kindness may he be blest, is my desire" an 100 fold.

2. Attended meeting at the 70tes Hall. The speret of the Lord was there Joseph Youngs spoke, also Almon Babbet, of the proceedings at Springfield in the Legislature. O God wilt thou [unfinished]

3. Amacy Liman started for the Iowa.

4. Went to br Frees and to the Concert Hall in the evening accompaned by Emiline and Elizl Free. Wonderful to tell.

5. Assisted sister Ripsher to dress for the Concert.

6. Sister Abigall Thorn stayed all night with me. We ware at Dimicks in the afternoon. His leg is very bad.

7. 4 years ago to day since we ware Marr[i]ed. O God let thy hand be over us still to prosper us. We went to see Lidia, Henrey sister. Found them well. Saw Sister Edards at there house in the evening, had a good viset. Let union prevele [prevail] and the vertuous prosper. Stayed all night at Erben [Urban] Stewerts, Sister Edards and Lidia Stewert.

8. Went to see her that was Claracy [Clarissa] Duzet but now Misess Robinson. She was very kinde to us in our sickness after My Mothers death almost 6 years ago. It is the first time that I have ben to viset her. O that she may be saved.

9. We went to the 70tes Hall. Joseph Young and Wm O Clark both spoke most excelent uppon the trials the Saints had to endure, there deliverance, overcoming our enemes, the power of God, also to power of Satan, the Priesthood. Help me O God to hear and understand and to over come the enemy, even the powers of darkness, and let my minde penitrate the things that are of lite and inteligence, until my body shall be full of light and I may be a fit subject for the Celestial Kingdom and enter in to the City new Jerusalem, with thy saints and Prophets and attain unto a fulness of Joy through the worthiness of Thy sons, and thy name shall have the glory, amen, and may the angels of thy presence know these the desires of my hart, and O wilt tho give me strength O Lord even of thine abundent fulness, that I may have the desernment [discernment] of Sperets, yes worlds without end never to be deceived, but let all my Acts and words be consonant with wisdom, adorned with the speret of Divine Grace, firm as the Pillars of Heven, in virtue, constancy, faithfulness to God and the friends of Godliness. Spent the afternoon of the 9 at br Lees.

10. The Church is in prosperous circumstances for there appears to be the most union that has ever ben. The faithful are determined to keep the law of God. O Father binde us as a People together in the bonds of love that we neve[r] shall sepperate. The Temple prospers O Father backen the powers of our enemes, that we as a people may accomplish thy works, that our sole may be saved.

11. To Day, 3 or 4 strangers wanted to take Benjamin Brackenberry for fals testimony they say, but did not take him.35 O God presetve thy people. Sister Julia Linza [Lindsay] was here and sister Ripsher also. Had a fine day to wash.

12. I viseted Sister [Nancy] Nowell. Had a good viset. Also saw sister Ann Edmons. She has a young Daughter born Monday the 10 at [blank] oclock A.M. All quite smart.

13. Sister Steward and Edards called her[e]. They have ben over the river. All well. This morning General Demings left this town. I had an introduction to Zuta Miller. Liked her appearance much. Henry is drawing his frame and stone for His house. May we be prospered, if it be thy will O Lord. This the [13th]. John arived here from Lima. Our brother in law Norman Buell is very sick and we fear night [nigh] unto Death. O Lord if it be thy will, wilt thou spare him yet a little longer and that he may do that all important work but if he is to Depart this life O may he be prepared. O may his family be comforted and his wife, when will her sorrows cease? O Lord if it be thy will spare him, Spare him. Yet Thy will be done in all things.

14. Sister Hancock and Emiline Free ware here, Father Huntington and Caroline in the evening and gave me a table cloth. Mother Huntington took supper with us. Business moves rappidly, all things in union among the Saints. Some are leaving that do not feel to felloship the present authorites of the [Church], but God knows and the Saints know. We are in the sure way. If we continue to persevere to the end we shall rest with the Propheets, yea the sanctified ones. O Lord help this people and all thy covenant People for thy sons sake. Wm Marks and family left one day this week, went up the river on the Madison Ferry boat, I expect to unite withe others that have gone out from us because they ware not of us and love Darkness more than light.

15. A day of Fasting. O God my Heavenly Father wilt thou help me to over come all my imperfections that is possible in the flesh that I may Glorify Thy Name through Jesus of Nasereth. Help me to do the will of my Master.

16. Sunday. Attended Meeting at the stand. Amacy Liman having just returned from James Emmet[t]s company in the teretory or Wilderness, related the distressed situation they are in, living on 3 gills of corn a day, eating there catle that actually starve to Death, all this for following a man that has no authority.36 Brigham Youngs spoke. Said if the Church would be faithful, speed the Temple, we should not lack for food or clothing and the ground should yield abundantly for our support. Gave us much good instruction and divine Promisses if faithful. O God do help this People to come up to there Priviliges.

17. Henry obtained Sister Emmas Concent [consent] to cultivate the lot south of Amacy Limans lot.

18. Oliver went to Lima.

19. High winds, quite cold. Br Brewer and wif[e] visetd here this evening. Fine people. The Bishops, Arch Bishops, and Deacons are organizing along these days for the safety of the Church. We have no Charter. O God give thy People wisdom and Preserve for thy son sake. Frequent councels of the aut[h]orites of the Church. Oliver returned from Lima. All in good health, through the mercy of providence.

20. Attended a funeral at Bro Frees, a daughter. Went to the place of interment. Called at Lidea [Lydia] Stewarts, also to see Mother Thorn at Sister Pecks. Returning home I also called at Sister Browns.

21 . Plesent.

22. Attended Meeting at the 70tes Hall. Almon Babbet [Babbitt] spoke uppon the dispersion of the Jews, the fulfilment of the prommises of God, Samaria being the sister of Judah or meaning the ten Tribes that ware led away, of there return, and reasoning uppon the inconsistency of the Millerite doctrin, &C.37

24. Emiline and Eliza Free ware here. Had a very good viset. Making soap. Good time. Br Lewes was here. Some Men have ben down to try to settle the half Breed ender arms.38 Postponed 3 days. Nancy Nowell stayed here all night. O may she be comforted and be a blessing unto [unfinished].

26. Wm Brought Mother Thorn here, Aged 6[1] last Sept, about 4 O clock in the afternoon. Br A Liman [Amasa Lyman] and wife ware here about 8 in the evening. Great and Glorious are all thy works, O Lord God almighty. Preserve us in all Thy ways. Wm Huntington senior was here this evening. He is my Father, aged 61 next the 28 of March.

27. A Sister Brown from Buffalo who was very kinde to Henry B Jacobs when on his mission Past in 1843. May it always be remembered of her, also sister Zilphy Starks who was als[o] very kinde, came with her. Sister Night and Sister Gibs ware all her[e] in the after noon, the first time any of them ware here. Had an agreeable time.

28. Fathers birth day agd 61. Sister Linzy [Lindsay] was here. All things posible in the city. The arch Bishop, Bishops and Deacons, All perform there severall dutes in the City of Joseph, (as the State has taken away the City Charter from Nauvoo) as g[u]ard nights and preserving peace. They are faithful if it is to whistle or whittle.39

29. A Mr [John P.] Smith buried under the Masonick order. Wether dry and plesent &c. Very good. Orson Hide spoke uppon the resurrection, spoke of our guardian Angels attending our Bodes and Sperets [bodies and spirits].

30. Attended Meeting at the stand. Almon Babbit spoke uppon the gethering the in tent, our limitted Power, or that we lacked one thing of being like God that was having Power to put our will in execution. Runn, seek diligently for the prize, but with care t[h]at our will does not over throw us. O thou arm of omnippetence, save us. President Youngs then spake of the intent of the meting preparing for the Conference, gave us a hint of not to run to[o] fast, the necesity of speeding the Temple and Nauvoo House, all very good. High winds, the air filled with Dust, a slight shower of rain. Went to Father Jacobs in the afternoon. A good viset.

31. Quite cool. Amacy Limon and wife returned from Laharp.40 He is not very well. Apr. the 1st, 1845. Went to Br Brewers to see Mother Brewer, the first time I have ben there. Father Huntington came in in the evening. He spake in tong[ue]s. Henry also Sung in tungs. It was very good. I interpreted the talk by the help of the speret of God. Had an agreeable viset.

2. I am not very well. Mother Liman was in. I call her Mother because of her age and her being an acquaintance of my own Mothers when we were living in the state of Ohio. She is one of the worthy women of the Earth. Allen, H. is sick.

3. Through the mercy of My Redeemer I injoying Comforable Health to day. Henry, Father and Oliver admistered to me for my health and through the mercy of God I am healed. Sister Brewer and Sister Lennord [Leonard] and her daughter [unfinished].

5. O thou God of My Fathers, even of Joseph, hear thou my Prayer even this night For my Kindred in the flesh. Let them rise, and not fall from this time that they may Honer and Glorify thee, Father which is in Heven, and thy name shall have the Honer and Glory, amen. Norman Buell and Wife arived here from Lima. I was happy to see them. Sister Fulton called.

6. All of our Family attended Meeting at the Stand. Most excelent instruction. It was the largest Congregarion that has ever ben assembled in Nauvoo, but is now called the City of Joseph. O Lord may the name ever stand and the City increase until all things shall be accomplished, this is the desire of rhy Hand Made [maid], O Lord my redeemer. And as we have heard Thy Word the time that the Lamanites shall be converted, Israel Gathered, Jerusalem shall be rebuilt. Hasten thy work O Lord in its time, and may I be prepared to receive all Thy Words and Obey them, even thy Celestial Law and thy Name shall have the Honour and Glory. High winds and the air filled with dust.

7. I attended Meeting, went with Presendia. Left Zebulun with Harriet at Wms. Took cold to day in my teeth. Most of our family attended the Concert in the evening.

8. Attended Meeting. Had an excelent time but an excelent meeting. Uncle Dany Jacobs and Wife stayed here all night. Rain and hail in the night but clear in the morning. Norman and Family went Home.

9. Sister Eliza Partrage called and had a good viset. I am not very well. The 70tes met on the Meting ground.

10. Quite unwell with the Ague in my Face. My I [word omitted] is very mutch affected with a cold. Mother Huntington brought me some milk.

11. Sister Liman came to see me. She was acquainted with Father and Mothers Families when children in N[ew] H[ampshire]. Sister A MaGin at Wms, Misses Morgan here.

12. I am no beter, see paneful [painful] nights. Sarah Ann Woode came to assist me.

13. They had an excelent Meeting at the Stand. Spoke to the saints. O that [we] be faithful.

14. Mother and the Neighbours came in to see me. They are very kind for which I feel truly thankful.

15, Tuesday. Wm moved back to his house. I was no beter. Sister Eliza Free came to assist me. I trust that she and her Sister Emiline may ever be blest and ever finde Friends to assist them and there Children in time of need for there kindness to me in my Sickness. Also Mother Liman, Mother Huntington, and Lee Girls, Fanny, Julia, Sister Brewer, Sanders, Meric, and others. Also Amacy Limans wife. I feel grateful to God and my friends.

16. My face still worse. Anny Magin, Caroline went to Quincy.

17,18. Sleepless nights almost.

19. The sun about three quarter of an hour high, My Face broke about half way between my chin and ear rather nearer the chin. Discharged wonderfully. O living mortality, how soon thou canst decay. O may I be prepared at the Great and last change. Eliza and Emilie Partrage came over and made my bed and prepared me some supper. All these kindnesses I never shall forget, and the oft times Mother has sent me milk and things for my comfort. (Fanny Merick came to help me.)

19. [Date repeated] I am much beter. The brethren and Sisters had an excelent meeting at the Stand.

20. I am still getting beter. Father comes evry day to see me.

21. I went into the other room. Wm moved back last week. Br Lee wife Eliza and Emiline Free, and Claracy [Clarissa] Decker called.

22. Sister Ripsher was here. Quite pleasent wether.

23. Frequent and violent showers.

24. I received a leter from My Brother, Chauncey D. Huntington [from] N[ew] Y[ork]. All well.

25. I or we moved into a small log house that Abert Slone built, now owned by Johnathan Holmes. I am still amending. O how little we know what time will do, the changes thereof O Lord give me patience and wisdom, for thy hand has ben uppon me. O wilt thou be merciful to all my weakness. Pardon all my sins and for thy Son Jesus sake halve mercy uppon me and let me or my minde expand until l become a perfect woman and fit for the sosiety of the Sanctified and can dwell with the Just and have the fellowship and have the sosiety that I may make those Happy around me, yea let there be no end to my doing good for this is the desire of my heart. O Lord, for thy Son’s sake, give me power over my self, yea do give me wisdom. Wm’s Wife returned from Quincy. A number if Rigdonites came up on the boat. How they desire a disturbance and to trouble thy Saints. O God wilt t[h]ou bachen there Power and Aveng[e] inocent blood or cause it to be done in thine own way. But how long shall we tarry?

Saturday 26. The Temple moves rappidly. O God wilt thou speed thy work, give us as a People union. Sister Brower returned home from Camp Creek, said Mother Thorn had ben thrown from a Carrage and brused her arm and shoulder quite bad.

27. Father [w]rote a leter to Chancey, my eldest Brother, in the state of New York. I comenced a leter also. Elders Talor and Babbet spoke to day. They had a good meeting. Br Bidwell and wife called. A chat with Sister Merick.

Monday 28. Fanny is very sick, that is Dimick[‘s] wife. All things moves in order in the Church. God is surely with his People and wilt thou sustain them. O God of Jospeh, be with us.

29. I was in to Fathers a short time. I have recoverd my he[a]lth considerably, for which I feel truly grateful. O my God let not the Destroyer have any power over over me for thy son Sak[e] and thy name shall have the honour and Glory, worlds without end, amen.

30. O how little we know what a day may bring forth. Prepare me to stand all things.

May the 1st. Nothing in particular comes under my notice. The desenters are Leaving. It seems that fear has come uppon the hipocrite in Zion.

2. If my Mother had ben living she would have ben 59 years old. Should I live to so count this number of years, the revolutions, God onely knows. God save me.

3, Saturday. I am writing, God onely knows my heart this day. The thoughts of my heart or the emotions of my minde causes my very head to acke. O God be merciful unto me and let me find grace in Thine eyes and those that fear Thee. O save my sole from ruin, my body from destruction, for thy hand ma[i]d feels to put her trust in Thee. Enlighten my minde and give my sole understanding. Let not my hart think evil, nor my tongue speak vanity. O let the trew [true] seed remain in my heart and bring forth much fruit.

4. Finished a letter to my Br Chancy D Huntington in the State of N[ew] Y[orkl. May it be sanctified to his good and thy name shall have all the glory. It is Sunday. I am at home, not able to go to meting but God will be there, or his Speret, and O may the saints be edified. Amen.

5. Sister Steward and Edards ware here. This day Henry B Jacobs, my husband, is 28 years old. Lidia Partridge is 15 years old the 8 of the month.

6. Nancy Nowell was here.

7, 8. Learning to brade Palmlef hats at Mother H[untington’s].

9. Lidia Partridge assisted me about washing. I am very tired at night. Never to be forgotten at 11 oclock, O then what shall I say. At or after 4 I went to sleep. O Lord have mercy uppon my Sole. Teache me the ways of eternal life. Give me that gift above all others. Behold this is the desire of my hart. Comfort us, yes, Henry in his trouble, for he has not repined a word. Accept of our thanks for life, forgive the weakness of my heart, and let me do nothing but what shall be to thy honour and Glory and my soles [soul’s] salvation.

10. Stayed all night at Lides [Lydia’s]. Had a chat with Silva Ann Corkens.

11. Herd Wm Smith Preach. He returned last week on Sunday. It brought Peculiar feelings to hear the last one of the family that are living of the Males speak to the saints. O may he be preserved in honour to the name of Isreals God. His Wifes health is very poor.

12. Wm has ben very sick with his fase [face]. It broke to day.

13. Edward Duzet was here, and Mother Brewer. A man has ben Murdered (O my Feelings) over the river this week in attempting to rob the house, and his son wounded.41 Thus the inhabitants of the earth are ripening for destruction. There are many thre[a]ts by our enemes these days but we put our trust in the God of Hosts. Rufus Allen Polished the fir [incomplete]

14. God of heven and earth forgive me my sins. O let me be pure before thee. The work of God moves rappidly.

15. A day of Fasting and Prayer, each family carrying there day’s Provision to the Bishop for the Poor Saints. May the blessings of Heaven attend his people. O hear thou the Prayers of this People this day, that the Season may crown us with Plenty and in espesial manner Protect us from our enemes. Let them eat the bread that they prepare for us, O Lord. Lord has ben merciful, the [incomplete]

16. Peace and Prosperity reignes in the City, good order and br[otherly] love.

17. My minde is solemn these days. O help me ever to do right, O Lord.

Sunday, 18 Elder Sherwood arrived from the South with 3 can[n]ons that he obtained from a merchant, and 10 kegs of powder, when all [incomplete]

19. Herd that George P Dikes was very sick at Ioway. He is sent to perchase glass for the Temple. Monday the brethren have gone to Carthage to attend the court for trial.42

20. I went upon the hill called at [obliterated] and obtained some fills for home.

21. I washed, And went with sister Brewer to see Wm Smiths Wife [Caroline]. She has the dropsy, eppears nigh her end, yes soon to close this mortal s[c]ene. She has ben taped [tapped?] 20ty times, had taken from her 53 gallons of water. The extent of her suffering no one knoweth. Has ben East during her sickness.

22. [No entry]

23. [No entry]

24. Saturday. This memorible day the Sun arose clear in the east. The morning was serene and silent. The Sun and Moon ware at about equel hith [height] in the horizen, as if to rejoice wit[h] the Saints in Praises to the most high. The Saints repared (all that knew it) to the Temple at 6 in the morning. The 12ve and the workmen, some brethren, the Band with the banner of liberty floting in the gentle brese, the last stone was lade [laid] on the Temple with shouts of Hosanah to God and the Lamb, amen, &c. Joy filled every bosom and thanks to our God that had preserved us. Pres B Youngs made some remarks very appropriate. This is the Seventh day even on which God rested from all his works and the Jews still keep it. O may Isreal in these last day keep all thy statutes. O Praise the Lord for all his goodness, y[e]a his mercies endureth forever. Exalt his holy name for he hath no end. He hath established his work uppon the Earth no more to be throne down. He will r[em]ember all his covenants to fulfil them in there times. O praise the Lord Forever more, Amen.43 At 10 oclock A M the funerale services of Caroline Smith, wife of Wm Smith, ware attended. Elder Orson Prat[t] Preached, Text, 1 Corinthians 15 chap 43 verse. It commenced an excelent discourse. She was laid in the Tomb.

25. Attended Meeting at the Stand. Elder Page spoke uppon the necesity of revilation, also knoledge as being assential to saIvation. Quoted Mat[t.] 11 commenced at the 27 [verse], also some others he alluded to. Administered the Sacrament in the P M.

26. My br Dimick is 38 years old. The bretheren are at Carthage yet. Dismissed the old jurimen, appointed a new one. O Justice whare art thou fled? O freedom whi [why] fast thou faded away. Remember Thy People in mercy O Lord of hosts and avenge innocent Blood in thine own way.

27. All well but Henry. O He that comforts the afflicted, draw nigh.

29. I was at D[imick’s]. The witnesses ware examined to day at Carthage and a sister Graham, sister Carington was here.

30. Bra[i]ding a Palmlief hat. O Lord draw nigh into my Sole and have mercy uppon me, O thou Jehovah.

31. Saturday. Finished Henres Pantiloons, and shirt to day. Dry wether. The Temple progreses rappedley [rapidly]. All things show that there is a God in Isreal. Prase him, Praise Him all ye People. O may All the Saints Honour His Great Name.

June the l[s]t, 1845. We all went to Meeting. Elder Kimble [Kimball] spoke first, followed by Pres Youngs. Grateful are we to hear the instruction from these Brethren through the Mercy of God and the Prayers of faith. The men have not ben to Carthage. They spok well.

Zebulun had a chill and I had to retire in the morning, soon after we arived at the ground.

2. Assisted old Sister Liman on a quilt. A fine shower for which we are truly thankful. B Young said his praires [prayers] ware herd.

3. Caroline and Lidia Partridge ware here.

4. Soft breezes. O that they could cure the heart. But God be merciful to mortality and viset in mercy, to thy Glory. Amen.

5. I called to see Sister Silvia Ann C. She was one that was kinde to Henry and Oliver in the State of N Y. Also her Fathers Family entertained the traviling Saints in great kindness. O may they be blest and all that r[em]ember the commands of God. Silvia Ann gave a concert. I had the Priviledge of walking through some woods. Very pleasent.

6. Done a large wash for which I was thankful for streangth. Called on a sick sister. Henry administered to her. Saw Sister Limans bed burnt. The way that it took fire is not known. It was seen by the neighbors.

7. Two boys ware smuhered [smothered] in the sand. It caved of yesterday, found to day. They ware at scool, went there at noon, went there to play. I am reading natcheral Philolophy [natural philosophy]. O may my mind comprehend .

8. Sunday. I stayed at home and took care of Sister Browers children. She has oft done the same for me. The Earth needs rain.

9. A beautiful Shower the Lord hath again blessed the Earth that she may bring forth in her streangth, for which the Saints feel to praise Him.

10.11. Henry went to see Pres. B. Young to be councel upon his and families situation. O God be merciful unto us, I ask in the Name of Jesus, thy Sone.

12. A day of fasting and prayer for the Church of Jesus Christ for his blessing uppon us in all things, our Health, Crops, flocks, and that our Enemes may be turned from us. This People and place now stands by faith.

13. Assisted P A in making [clothes] and preparing Andrew Litle[‘s] Child for its burial, there onely Son. I truly hope they may be comforted. Wm and Caroline his wife returned from Lima, also George Buell. They are all well.

14. Bra[i]ding a hat for Henry, finished his vest to day. O thou who are from everlasting to everlasting hear Thou my prayer at this time. I Humbly beseech of thee, teach mee the way of Eternal Life and may I have Grace to walk there in. O Give me a Speret like unto thy self Endew [endow] me from on high that I may know the diversity of Sperets and have power to over come all but the trew one even that of thee. Grace divine. A minde sublime a Pure Heart thats ever clean that all my dreams may be serene that the truth may stand at my right hand that come from above thats filled with Love to Give this to me that I may be free from sin and from strife that at the end of my life I may be Clear as the sun pure as Gold that my Saviours fase I then may behold.44

15. Henry is quite sick. Pres Josep Youngs and Father Jacobs administered to him. It is Sunday. I could not attend meting. I heard that Orson Hide preached. The saints had a good meeting this evening. H[enry] is a little beter since the bretheren administered to him. They told him that he should live, be blest, &c. All good.

16. Joseph Youngs brought us a pan of flour and 7 eggs. May He be blest an hundred fold. A friend in need is a friend in deed.

17. I went to Sister [Patty] Sessions. She is quite sick with the Clery Mobus [cholera morbus].45 I pray that she may be quick restored to health, for her labors are very much needed in the Church. In the afternoon we went to my brother Wms. He has been sick but is beter. It is the first time H[enry] has ben out since he was sick. We took supper with them. Sister Balis [or Boles or Bales] was there. We returned home some what tired. Mother Huntington came in with some milk. Mother has visited Sister Brower to day. Behold how lovely it is for Friends to dwell together in unity. O God ever let union Prevail. After we ware in bed Pres J[oseph] Youngs brought us another pan of flour. I Pray God to bless him, and his forever, for I believe his alms will come in remberence before God. O may we r[em]ember his example and if God ever blesses us with means, may we go and do like wise. There was frost on the night of the 16 [June] up the river that killed trees, and some of there vegitables. No frost here.

18. It rains fine, Henry is beter.

19. The rafters are on the Temple. All things move rappidly and in order about it.

20. Steady rain Sutch as we need. Praise ye the Lord for His merces endureth forever. Evry thing in the City looks promissing.

21,22. A lowery Sabath to day. Wm Smith is Marr[i]ed to Miss Robens. Br Mikesel and wife came here in the evening and brought us a pan of flour and some string beans. He brought us some beans and dride [dried] pumpkin last week. I hope they may be blest for all there kindnesses. When we ware sick Hiram Mikesel administered to us.

23. Last night about 10 oclock Irvine Hodge was stab[b]ed 4 times in his left side, also 4 blows on the head, done not far from Pres B Youngs in the field. He leaped 2 fences after it was done and expired in the road in about 10 minets [minutes]. Sister Youngs herd the blows. Sister Nights saw a man run from the same cource from whence it was done, also herd the groans. The man she saw is supposed to be the perpetrator of the deed. The said Hodge was direct from Burlington. He has a Brother there, sentensed to be hung on the [blank] of Sept next for Murder. He was a man of unbounded temper.46 GeneraI Deming [shot] Mr Marshal at Carthage in self defense. The contension arose concerning some Land or the taxes. Mr Marshal was a hostile man to the truth.47

24. One Year ago to day Joseph and Hirum Smith left for Carthage, a day never to be forgotten in the anels [annals] of History, ne[i]the in the bosoms of the saints. A foundation of sorrow was then laid.

25. Took supper at Wm. 5 buried to day. Thus we all have once to dy [die].

26. Called at Br Pecks. Saw Sister Thorn. As Abigal and I stood by the road I saw 2 men come to blows for the first time in my life. They ware disputing in the house but came to the door in a rage and blows insult. I then considered the state the world was in, and what must soon come to pass.

27. One year ago to day did My Mortal Eyes behold the slain Marters for of our God for the cause of truth. Behold they rest in peace. The Work of which these men by the assisting Grace of God succeeded in laying the foundation moves with rappidity. We can see the hand dealings of God in mercy from day to day. The roof of the Temple is now about ready for the shingles. But Joseph and Hirum are not here. Yet we believe they are doing a great work in our favour behind the Vale [veil]. We feel that when the cause of truth advances we are blest whether in the body or out. It is a lowry day, our hearts are filled with meditation. Presendy Buell and Caroline Huntington ware here to day.

28. Saturday. All in good health. Reparing my silk dress that my Parents got for me in the state of N[ew] Y[ork] 10 years ago. Presendia and I took Supper with Father and Mother. Surely we are blesed.

29. Attended Meeting at the Grove on the Temple block at the same spot whare oft I have seen the Prophet Stand and Patrearch with there countenences beaming with inocence. May I say the index of there heart, the words of eternal life flowing from there Lips filling the hearts of the Saints with Wisdom and jolly Days and Hours have past uppon this concecrated spot will never be forgotten throughout all Eternity. O May I have wisdom to prffet [profit] with all and be accepted before the throne of Grace at the morn of the First resurrection to come forth with the Sanctified and be crowned with the Just for Jesus sake.

30. Sister Mires and daughter Catherine Foy left here this morning. Henry Baptised her in the State of Penn. They ware kinde in sickness to Henry.

July the lst, 1845. Julia assisted me in sewing. Mother Brower was here. The Twelve and the old Poliece Had a Din[n]er or Feast at the Masonic Hall, a day of recreation, also Music. I am grateful that those who have stood by the Authorates B[e]aring the Burden both night and day can have A time of rejoicing.

2. Sister Robins and Caroline took supper with us. Henry brought home 13 yards of carpetting from the weavers which is the works of my own hands.

3. At the Thursday Prayer meeting Father John Smith made some exelent remarks concerning the Priesthood, Prayer, Endewment, &c.

4. A day long to be remembered. O liberty how ha[s]t thou falen O Lord wilt thou restore thy People to trew [true] liberty, even to keeping thy selestial Law. Forgive me all my sins that I may be free indeed. Show unto me my self that I may be wise. Give unto me Thy speret that I may ever desern [discern] the trew Speret and be a [blotte] thereby and Thy name shall have the Glory, Amen. I feel to thank thee for food, for raiment, for causing vedgitition to come forth as thou hast this year. O may thy blessings continue with thy People forever worlds without end. I Also thank thee for health and the innumerable Blessings that this People enjoy. Help us O Lord ever to be grateful and Humble. These are a few of of my desires. Pen is inadiquate to numerate thy mercies. O ever let my minde dwell with wisdom and comprehend thy laws to thy glory.

5. Sister Eliza Partrage and I took dinner together. Sister Nowel made me A viset this afternoon. Nanc[y]s name was spoke of for good. Mother Thorn stayed here all night.

6. Sunday. I took care of Sister Brower children this after noon. I am alone. O that my time and thoughts might ever be guided in wisdom. Yesterday, it being Saturday, the 5th of July, 1845, Father Huntington locked up his chest of tools at the Temple. He has Labored 3 years mostly. He has done 818 days works. Now in good health, Aged 61 the 28 of Last March.

7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Abigail Thorn stayed here with me to day.

12. Finished my Sun bonet.

13, Sunday. 14,15,16. I called to see Sister Eliza Snow. She has ben confined to her be[d] 5 weeks, but O the patience. She is worthy of imitation. She is at E[l]der S Marcums [Stephen Markham], a fine family. I went with sister [Patty] Sessions to br Geens Funeral. Pres B Youngs spoke. May I never forget the words that fell from his lips. He spake of the power the Saints would have over disease, The fall of the Earth, its redemption, also all those that ware destined to this planet or world. Br Neel and son ware there from the state of N[ew] Y[ork].48

17. We started for Lima after black berries, arrived at Presendes nine the next morning, distance 30 [31] miles. A slight shower.

18. We took a fine ramble through the woods and bushes, thought we should be thankful when briars and thorns ceased.

19. The company, 6 of them, started for Nauvoo in the morning, I tarr[i]ed with my Sister. A fine day.

Sunday, 20 of July 1845. Harriet had a Son born unto Wm Huntington in the new and everlasting covenant. It was born 10 minets before 5 in the afternoon. Caroline Clark is His first [wife], Harriet is her own sister. Hirum Clark and wife, there Father, are in England.

21, Monday. I and my little Son are still in Lima at my sisters. Her company is sweet but at lovely Nauvoo or City of Joseph how dear is the sosiety of the Saints.

22. Father and Henry arrived here in the evening, all in good health.

23. We went to pick berr[i]es. Had a good time. Sister Bo [page torn] was at Presendes to day. While wandering in the bushes beneath the shade of large trees, seeing the Plenty of fruit that filled the wo[o]ds, ah, thought I, the care that our Bountiful Creator has even for the fowls of Heven to prepare for them a feast.

24. Father, Presendia, George, and my self went again the first time that I ever had the privilege of picking berres with my Father. It is the last time that I viseted the Woods this year. I feel truly grateful for the helth I have had.

25. This morning Henry and I started with our son for home at 9, oclock a m. We arived home just as the sun was setting in silence in the far western Sky. About an hour after we left Mr Buels, Father started for home afoot. Arived 8 in the evening distance 31 miles.

26. We are all in good health at home, for which we have reason to rejoice. This morning Oliver Started for the State of N. Y. with Br Neel and his son Wm. Neel. O may the blessings of Heven espesially of wisdom and the grace of God atteng my brother Oliver.

27. We attended meeting. It was mostly uppon bisness of bilding the Nauvoo House and Temple in the forenoon and the Sacrament in the P M.

28. All in good health. Lucy Hatfield was bad.

29. A time of Peace in this City. But I herd or red that England ware about to make war with America uppon the subject of Oragon and Texas. O Lord roll on thy work, untin [until] All things are accomplished–the Lamanites blossom as the rose, Jerusalem be rebuilt, restored, and Zion be Established through out her dominions no more to be thrown down F[or] ever without End, and thy Name shall have the Glory, even the Father, Son, Holy G[h]ost, Amen.

30. I commenced spinning for Presendia. Sister Liman was here and Sister Nowell took sup[p]er with us.

31, Thursday. No prayer meeting to day. Warm and plesent. Bisness moves rappidly. Great advancements made on the Temple daily. Let it hasten.

July [August] the 1, 1845. Mother Brower was here. O may I have trew wisdom and knowledge.

2. Zebulun was taken to day with the Scarlet fever.

3. It is Sunday, as it is called or the first day of the week. We stayed at home with Z[ebulun] who is very sick, but herd those speak of the Meeting that ware there. Pres B Young spoke to the People in the name of the Lord. Told us as a People to arise and shake our selves, be more diligent in our prayers and prayer meetings. If we did not it would not be well with us. He says can you not bare [bear] Prosperity without being slothful? Sayed if we would be faithful we should be Blesed. O may diligence ever be pen[n]ed on my heart and this warning, he that holdeth out to the end shall be saved, if ye love Me keep my command. He spake many things worthy of all attention and must be pa[i]d heed to by this People if we continue and I firmly believe we shall for [incomplete]

4. An Election to day also a Bee drawing wood for the Nauvoo brick yard. Beter than a hundred teams ware out, agreeable to council yesterday. The Lord is just, therefore the Lord will reward the Saints according to there diligence in all things if they continue. Norman Buel and wife returned home to Lima to day. Came up yesterday. Zebulun is quite sick–the rash is out some, about the same. Nancy Nowell set up with Zebulun.

7. Disease continues to prey uppon the child. O Lord how long shall we labor under these things, even children suffering so sore? Wilt thou has[t]en the time in thine Own waw [way] when the Saints shall have power over the destroyer of our mortal body. Not that I would complain at thy hard dealings, O Lord. All things are right with Thee. But O the weakness of Human nature.

8. To day is a day of fasting and Prayer with me. Mother Brower and I set over the feeble body of my little son. He is very sick. Caroline and Lydia Partrage set up with us. Father Jacobs administered to Zebulun after sun set. Sayed he thought he would live. May it be so.

9. Z[ebulun] is some beter than he was last night. May the prospect continue to bri[gh]ten. Walter Davis set up with Henry. H[enry] Baptized him in the state of N Y. He, Davis, is or has ben a Salor. He now assists in pulling up timber on the Temple. He that Sings thus in the wisdom of God, the Gospel net has caught all and the building is fitly framed.

10. Mother Huntington spent part of the day with me and time of conversing uppon the resurrection of the ded, &c. Zebulun is a little beter. If it is the will of Heven may he soon recover to perfect soundness and God shall have the Glory.

11. Sunday. Wm W Felps [Phelps] addrest the Church to day from the stand. In the afternoon the different quorums Met.

12. Another Election to day. Zebulun cannot walk a step. A colored woman washed for us to day. O God help me to humble my self before thee in that thou will own and bless me for I feel Poor and needy rember me in mercy, O Lord, even the God of my Sperit that I may praise Thee fo[r]ever worlds without end and O that I may be an honour to thy Church.

13. Eliza P and Sister Liman ware here.

14. Cleaning house. Nancy was here, also Br Repsher and his wife. The Last shingle was lade on the Temple. Prase the Lord.

15. A general fast for the whole Church. Although I am at home with my sick son I feel that the Speret of God is with the people at the meeting ground to bless the Meek. O let me be one of that number for I desire it with all my heart, for I feel to renew my covenant with Thee O God my Heavenly Father, desiring to lay hold on Faith and obedience unt[o] Salvation that I may be saved with a fulness of joy among those of the hi[gh]est Glory. Wilt thou prepare me for this and may I be an honour to those with whom I am concerned. O wilt Thou give me grace in the eyes of the trew saints and thy Name shall have the honour, worlds with out end, amen and Amen. Wm called and had a chat.

16,17. Zebulun is some beter, on the amend.

18,[17]. Sunday. Wm Smith Spoke to the People. Elder Talor [John Taylor] made an appropriate reply. It was needed. And God wilt thou be merciful to Thy People for thou art acquainted with all there needs. Give us wisdom.49

19. I am bra[i]ding Palmleef.

20. Washing. A beautiful day, and may my heart be clean.

21. This morning as the day dawned a violent Thunder storm arose in the west. There was a man struck ded by [t]he lightning in town. I have not learned his name, but he was from England.50

22. Elias Smith had his in fare at Br Talors Farm 8 miles out. I went to school to him in Kirtland Ohio. John went with the Printers. I viseted with Sister Holmes and her sisters and Sister in Law.

23. Henry worked on Joseph Youngs house. [I] spun 34 [k]nots of warp.

24. Attended Meeting at the Stand. Joseph Youngs spoke. It is the 3d time that he has spoken publickly to this People and has ben a resident of this place 6 years. He is first, of the 7 Pres of all the Seventes. He spoke uppon the resurrection some. Pres B Youngs spoke after him uppon what was wisdom for us to preserve our healths &c. Very good. A bisness meeting in the P M for all the Males of the Church.

25. Took sup[p]er at Wm. They had company and sent for me. A fine repast of ripe Peaches and melons. I feel truly grateful that my life has ben spared uppon the Earth to partake of the bountes therof. Praise Ye the Lord for his merces endureth forever. O may all these things lead us to faithfulness, to humility and diligence in keeping all the commands of God.

26. A very warm day. I am laboring at the [spinning] wheel to procure an honest living. O Lord wilt thou give me streangth for I fee[l] the flesh is weak. Let not my minde be to[o] much plased uppon the things of this world, but may I labor with my might for the things of a beter and finde acceptance with my Redeemer.

27. Viseted the sick, and washed. Quite warm. Dimicks Child is very sick, the babe.

28. All in good health for which I am truly grateful. Henry was on the prairie. I stayed at Fathers all night.

29 [30]. The small boys have there tra[i]ning every Saturday. It looks very nice. May they be blest I pray.

30 [31]. Parl[e]y P Prat[t] returned from N Y City, arived last week, has ben absent 9 months. He spoke uppon his mission. The World, being ripe [for] the fulfilment of Prophecy, the Spread of the Gospel. Said in 18 or 20 months there would not be an Island but what the saving gospel should be in evry place. So may it be, O Lord. Stated had he arived in Dec he would have ben astonished to see things advan[c]ed as far as they are especially the Temple and Nauvoo House.

Sept. the 1, 1845. A pleasent day of meditation uppon the work of God in thes last days.

2. Spinning. Spun 22 [k]nots. When the body is weary the mind is also.

3. Very warm yesterday and to day. Between 5 and 6 in the evening a violent thunderstorm arose accompaned with hail and wind. Most of the Glass in the city on the north side of the buildings ware broken. The longest hail storm that I ever saw. Vines ware ruined. I would think uppon the Last days.

4. Quite Cool. The Air is more pure and comfortable, for which I feel thankful. I feel to acknoledge the hand of God in all things.

5,6,7, Sunday. In the Morning we went to Urbin Stewerts [Urban Stewart]. Henres sister Rebeccas child is ded, a daughter buri[e]d at 3 P M. We then went to Father Jacobs. He is sick, but on the gain.

8. Cool and pleasent. Washed.

9,10. Herd that the enemy had burnt 2 buildings in Lima for the Bretheren.51 I assisted Sister Brower in washing as they are sick.

11. Lewes Damp, a Lamanite, gave me a money purse that his step Daughter Nancy sent to me from the Mo Territory. She has ben here and was baptized some years ago. When she left me or this plac[e] for the far west, I took a ring from my finger and gave it to her. She was a fine appearended girl. The purse is velvet, beautifully ornamented with beads or her own hands work.

12. Herd again from Lima. The mob has burnt 7 buildings.

13 Herd from Lima [that] the mob are raging, burning buildings, grain, driving all before.

14. Went to meeting Pres Young, Heber C K[imball] Amacy [Amasa Lyman] spoke, told us the necessity of hearing to councel, mentioned the enemy, told us not to fear, put our trust in God. At Father Jacobs in the P M. He is very sick.

15. The enemy still continues to burn and drive in the Bretheren, not even giving time to save all there furniture. O God, all flesh is in thy hands. Thou canst turn there hearts even as the rivers of water are turned. In Thee do I put my trust in all things.

16. They, the Mob, burnt a brothers hous 4 miles this side of Carthage last night, and 400 bushels of grane [grain]. To day Porter Rockwell Shot [blank] as they ware pursuing Mr. Backenstos on the parrarie near the rail road. Ther was about 30, this one was at the hed. He helped to concoct the plan to slay Joseph and Hirum; he was at the Jail at the murder.52

17. The Bretheren are all at the stand armed and equiped. (To day I went to see about getting some weving. Done when I was gone–o my!) Henry went with Br. Marcum’s Company in the region of Bare Creek [at] 2 P M. Just as the sun was setting a Company returned from the region towards Warsaw, all well.

18. When I cast mine eyes out, what do I behold, evry brother armed, his gun uppon his shoulder to protect his family and Bretheren from the violence of the furious Mob who are now burning all that falls into their way round about the Country. Ah Liberty, thou art fled. When the wicked rule the People mourn.

19th, Friday. This morning at about 7 oclock 2 cannons ware fired near the Temple which signified for all to be on the ground. As I am alone I have not learned the particulars yet. Clear and pleasant.

20. The first thing I saw as I looked toward the Temple just as the sun was risen, a white flag, a signature to gather. A company is called for to assist a company that is out to execute the Laws of the Land to put down the mob.

21. All things move in order in the City.