Mormon temple poll

Mormon temple poll

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What are your thoughts on the Mormon temple?
Don’t worry about where the endowment and other temple rituals came from.
The rituals are the same as those practiced for thousands of years.
There is no connection between masonry and the endowment. Joseph Smith divinely received the ordinances without any masonic influence.
We should not be concerned with history and matters of the intellect. Trust in faith and the spirit.
Look at the endowment from a symbolic, rather than historical or literal perspective.
The value of the endowment is to serve as a catalyst for revelation to the practitioners. The masonic origins are irrelevant.
God inspired the masons to ‘restore’ most elements of the endowment shortly before Joseph Smith borrowed them.
The temple is bunk. It was probably a way for Joseph Smith to conceal his practice of polygamy originally and now probably serves its greatest purpose as a way to keep active Mormons in line and full tithe payers.

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