Prop 22 – the Knight Initiative – gay marriage – Proposition 22 in California

Prop 22 – the Knight Initiative – gay marriage – Proposition 22 in California

Proposition 22

The Mormon church has been the biggest advocate of Proposition 22. The members have provided much of the funding after being asked to do so by the church. Here is a possible way to cool the LDS anti-gay fever.

Mormons flip-flop and now are opposed to “non-traditional” forms of marriage.

Defense of Marriage Act: An Initiative

Chronology of Mormon involvement in Prop. 22. part 1

Chronology of Mormon involvement in Prop. 22. part 2

Chronology of Mormon involvement in Prop. 22. part 3

Mormon / LDS Chronology Of Involvement In Same-Sex Marriage Politics prior to 1998. Includes much on Hawaii.

Scan of anti-gay letter from LDS church headquarters on church letterhead

page two of scanned prop 22 propaganda

page three of scanned document–includes false claims on limit on marriages initiative to whip the faithful up into a frenzy

scanned copy of how and where to send your political contributions on Mormon church letterhead

scan of signature page showing Mormon fundraising efforts to further Knight bigotry

campaign contribution form scan from the LDS church

scan of “instructions for precinct workers” distributed to California Mormons

scan of how to convince registered voters to vote yes on prop 22

Barbara Boxer, Gray Davis and others quoted (out of context) in scan promoting Proposition 22 even though they oppose it

various religious and racial authorities quoted to try and get voters to appeal to their own authority

Questionnaire to be presented door-to-door to California voters to try and get them to vote yes on the Knight Initiative

Scan of how to convince California voters to vote yes on Proposition 22

Mormon Church spends over a million dollars in Alaska and Hawaii to foster hate against homosexuals

False statements made in Mormon literature to get its members to vote for discrimination

For more information on California Proposition 22, which will be voted on in the March 7, 2000 election, search here using keywords such as “Proposition 22”, “Knight Initiative”, “Same-sex Marriage”, “Gay Marriage”, “Lesbian Marriage”, “anti-gay measure”, “limit on marriages initiative”, “same-gender marriage”, and “pflag”.

Do what you can to promote diversity, tolerance, and anti-discriminatory practices regardless of your race, gender, religion, age, or sexual preference. Thank you.

If you, too, think the “Yes on 22” signs are deceptive (since no one’s marriage will be in jeopardy if the initiative doesn’t pass), feel free to copy and paste the following code to your web page or email messages